Snow Plow for ATV ?

9/13/18 @ 12:25 PM
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I own a 5/6 year old Suzuki KingQuad 500 and would like to see what it takes to put on a snow plow? I see many on amazon for 200 on up but not sure if they would fit my KingQuad or if I need it to turn vs just a straight plow  I assume turning it would be best option?

I already have a winch installed so thats not needed but any help and advice of which one   IE Brand that works best and whats needed to mount it etc would be apprrciated


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9/14/18 @ 10:42 AM
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To start out with the basics. If funds are loose, i would just drop it off at a local Rec dealer and have them rig you up.

DIY route you will need to find the mounting plate to fit your machines undercarriage.   Cycle country is a well known brand of plow. I have one and no complaints. I also have a Yamaha brand and no complaints. One is manual lift and other is winch lift. I prefer the manual as i feel i have better/quicker control of lifting blade. 

Rather easy project if you dont mind crawling around on the ground/working under machine. 

I have straight blades, but you can pivot blade right/left to angle push.

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