I seen many posts about the new Tranx hype. I was and still might be interested in getting one. Interested to hear comments about the following? My 2 main muskie outfits are the LT sling Blade with a Toro Winch and a Big Dawg with a 700TE. I mainly throw dblcg's and big rubber. Love throwing the big blades. Everyone knows that the Winch is excellent for big blades (but will not burn them). When I do want to burn them I put a little extra weight on the wire shaft and use the 700TE. That causes the big blades to sink well and the reel brings it in pretty fast. The 700 is used as a dual purpose reel for that reason. It seems that the Tranx is a cross between the Curado and the Trinidad. The only inconvenience is the manual spool release lever on the 700, which I am very used to now. I was considering on selling my Winch and getting a Tranx, but if I do that I feel I may have 2 reels of the same caliber (Tranx and 700). What do you think? I also use the winch for slow rolling at night, seems perfect for that. Since I am here another quick question. I am going to get more into crankbaits this year and plan to buy a LT Longranger (8'6') with a HS Toro or maybe some other reel (poss 400TE). Plan on getting that outfit at the Minnesoto Muskie Show this April. Any comments on that rig (mainly for cranks, spinner baits and topwaters) would be very helpful. I do not want to be longwinded but when it comes down to $$ on buying Muskie Equip. I want to here from the field of Muskie experts first. Thanks