Hey all, This summer I'll be working for the Iowa DNR out of Lake Mills (north central part of the state) and I was hoping someone could offer any suggestions as far as places to fish or techniques for fishing the prairie pothole lakes out there. I assume these shallow lakes with few weeds will fish similar to Fox, Beaver Dam, or the Winnebago system that I'm quite familiar with so hopefully someone can confirm my suspicions. I'll have a canoe and am willing to drive to have chance at nice fish. I'll also have a Minnesota license too if it's worth my time to cross the border to fish instead. I've done a ton of research and looked at all the survey data and other available information from a number of lakes and haven't found anything that stands out above the other lakes. It looks like Clear Lake is about my only reasonable chance at musky locally, but I'm hesitant to canoe on a 3000 acre lake. The other local lakes like Rice and Silver are mostly perch and yellow bullhead dominated with some walleye and pike present too. I'd also like to avoid Okoboji and Spirit Lake if possible, too large and touristy for me, even if quality fish are there. Thanks!