Remington 03/A3

Remington 03/A3
Remington 03/A3 Remington 03/A3 Remington 03/A3 Remington 03/A3
Dean A
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(847) 278-2521
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Mar 12, 2018
Excellent Remington 03/A3 30-06 battle rifle with barrel date of 9/43. Bright shiny bore, no cracks or detraction's with the stock set, strong stock cartouches, no rust or pits in metal... excellent condition old battle rifle. Appears to have spent some time loaned out to another country as the last 4 digits of the serial number are stamped in the stock, the U.S. didn't do that. Excellent example of an 03/A3 and they're just getting harder and harder to find in this condition. If you buy the rifle, I'll include the 100 rounds of FN surplus ammo I have listed. Additional pics available on request. Price is firm at $600. I did an advanced search on gunbroker to see what these things have sold for. All recent auctions, February and March of 2018, and they went for $605 to $1100 with $35 to $50 for shipping. So I'm at the low end and I'm including ammo! If your a member in gunbroker, very easy to check completed auctions to verify my information. Illinois residents must have a valid FOID and Wisconsin residents must transfer through a WI FFL. I go to Paddock Lake Sports and will split the $35 transfer fee. Cannot accept a C&R license as there's no way to verify the license, just a sign of the times and the reason I gave up my C&R. Thanks for looking, Dean.

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