TSW2 Race Gaming Controller

TSW2 Race Gaming Controller
TSW2 Race Gaming Controller TSW2 Race Gaming Controller TSW2 Race Gaming Controller TSW2 Race Gaming Controller
Mark W
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Oct 20, 2018
Custom Built Thomas-SuperWheels for gaming computer/console. TSW makes the premier wheel setup that is used by many professional racers as a practice tool. This one was custom built for me to me specifications for a NASCAR computer racing league I used to be in. It has the basic components plus many upgrades I had installed upon ordering. Upgrades include: metal MOMO pedals pads, 3rd pedal (clutch), upgraded top of line ETI potentiometers, NASCAR steering wheel, digital controller board, 2 wheel mounted programmable push buttons (I used them for radio communication buttons), sequential shifter. It connects to your system via a USB cable, the pedals connect to the wheel console via CAT5 cable. This is NOT your big box store/kids toy plastic $100 (Logitech, Thrustmaster, etc) controller. I wore 5 of those out before buying this from TSW. This unit weighs 21 pounds! The pedals do not move on the floor during vigorous racing and the wheel console clamps solidly to the bottom side of your desktop (doesn't mar the surface at all!). I paid over $750 for this upgraded unit when I bought it. The new comparable TSW setups go well in excess of $1000. I quit racing online a few years ago so it's time for someone else to enjoy this controller. Given it's weight, I will not ship. I live in Milwaukee, but am in Adams county many weekends until early November for pickup or arrange a meeting place for purchase.

Go to the TSW site to read testaments from Dale JR, Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman, etc to see just how truly unique these units are! https://www.thomas-superwheel.com/2012-10-25-03-18-35/reviews

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