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July 2013

Weed Whacking Walleyes
by Jason Freed
It never fails, we are in the midst of summer, and walleye anglers across the Midwest begin to think about main lake structure, rock piles and bars, reefs or mud flats. In addition, while we can't fault them for that, what these fisherman fail to realize is they are driving past some of the best summertime fishing; walleyes that lurk in the weeds. Legendary Rainy Lake fishing guide Woody Woods, ... more

November 2012

Search and Destroy... The Quest for Pig Perch
by Jason Freed
Perch are one of the tastiest freshwater fish and are a favorite amongst ice anglers everywhere. Catching them through the ice is becoming more difficult but your odds will improve with a solid game plan. You can't catch em if you don't know where they live; the search will turn to destroy more often if the "when and where" is understood. A quick study of a detailed contour map or handheld GPS, a... more

October 2012

Hunting Giants
by Jason Freed
The leaves are changing, the water temps dropping and the big fish go on the prowl triggered by the need to feed before winter. Fishing pressure drops significantly, since many are drawn to the woods for other outdoor pursuits. Take advantage of this time of year to find giant walleyes in Northern Midwest waters. In Advance To find the larger fish in any system in the fall, one has to ha... more

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