Capt. Lee Haasch's Articles

May 2013

Spring Steelhead Action
by Capt. Lee Haasch
The sun is peaking over the orange horizon, a wisp of clouds makes the morning sky seem like a Terry Redlin print with the firey orange sky and calm blue water, the first mate is adjusting a port dipsy line, the captain, well I'm enjoying my first morning cup of coffee…suddenly, "FISH ON, FISH ON !! FAR BIRD! SEE 'EM JUMPING?" Aah, the sounds of spring! It's all music to my ears! I just love... more

June 2012

Brown Trout and Lake Trout: Lake Michigan's Overlooked Spring Fishery
by Capt. Lee Haasch
Since I began fishing Lake Michigan back in the early 1970's, I've seen many changes to our fishery. Through the years these changes in water conditions, forage base and exotic species have caused ups and downs in our ability to put delicious meals into our coolers and onto our dinner tables. Through all the changes, one thing remains constant, the excitement of spring fishing! For my money,... more

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