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June 2017

Speedy Spinners
by Dennis Foster
Toss a hard-breaking fastball for a winning changeup in your spinner presentations. Speed and spinners for walleye's sounds like a direct contraction in terms. Running spinners-typically baited with night crawlers-has always been a somewhat tedious affair. Standard fair is dragging them up and down structural elements with the standard weighting system of a bottom bouncer ranging fro... more

April 2017

Northern Lake Oahe. First class fishing. Hospitality second to none.
by Dennis Foster
Lake Oahe has a well-deserved reputation as a walleye factory. And rightly so. No matter what Mother Nature throws at it or how questionable the management decisions the Corp of Engineers makes; this expansive Prairie reservoir just keeps churning out plenty of toothy, glassy eyed and oh so tasty walleyes. And lots more too. The potential for trophy sized pike, those reaching and even far exc... more

January 2017

Choosing Your New Boat… Wisely
by Dennis Foster
The author discussing details at Dave's Marine in Webster, SD In this article I will be conveying some of what I have gleaned over the years as it pertains to making one of (if not) the most significant of your outdoor investments. That being selecting the very best fishing boat to fit your personal needs and wants. Hopefully what I share makes picking out your dream boat just a little les... more
Put Some Life Into Your Ice Angling: Use a Dead Rod
by Dennis Foster
Doing a whole bunch of nothing can serve a useful purpose. I realize that there are an awful lot of folks doing this already. Picture grabbing a case of beer and tallying empties as opposed to fish on the ice. Good work if you can get it. But for this discussion, incorporating a dead rod as a serious presentation option will infuse some life into your fishing. So in reality the rod I am refer... more

March 2016

Good Things are Coming to Lake Oahe
by Dennis Foster
Holding the distinction of the most well-known of the 6 mainstem reservoirs on the upper Missouri River; Lake Oahe is the gem of them all when it comes to opportunities for anglers. This huge Missouri River reservoir originates from the Oahe Dam near South Dakota's state capital of Pierre and continues well into North Dakota, running approximately 231 miles, covering 2,250 miles of shoreline and ... more

January 2016

A Case to stay in Place
by Dennis Foster
This overlooked strategy can pay big dividends as one of your best options for icing the biggest fish of the year. Before the run and gun crowd starts sneering and guffawing, hit the kill button on your augers long enough so you can hear for a moment and open your mind to the possibilities. Scrambling all over the lake and covering a lot of territory-particularly for perch-is indeed the best r... more

March 2015

Is Your Ride Rigged and Ready for Results?
by Dennis Foster
The first trip of the season is most definitely not the best time to deal with all the little things that can and do go wrong in a boat. Common sense dictates that they can quickly become big things and will ruin a trip if you fail to address them. Foresight can not only salvage a trip for you, but should you experience equipment failures in extreme conditions…it might just save you and your occ... more

May 2014

So Ya Want a New Boat?
by Dennis Foster
We all do, most of us just don't get to pick one out as often as we would like. When you do decide to pull the trigger and make the investment in a new fishing platform, you had just as well do it right the first time. That means all aspects from the very obvious of hull and motor right on down to electronics and accessories. After all, we are talking about a major purchase here and buyer's rem... more

April 2014

Cold Water and Crankbaits
by Dennis Foster
Far from a contradiction of terms, they actually complement each other… and quite well too During the first open water forays of the year, most walleye anglers-even your more sophisticated types-just don't equate hard bodied lures with early season success. In reality, nothing could be further from the facts. Yes, jigs and rigs have been and will remain the staple presentation in cold water... more

February 2013

ATV's and Ice Fishing - Don't Let Anything Stand In Your Way
by Dennis Foster
We are now living in an era where mechanization and technology continue to escalate at an amazing pace and it seems nearly impossible to keep up with everything being presented to us. As gritty and quite accurately down to earth as the outdoor world is for those of us who choose to enjoy it, every bit of slick new techno wonder has managed to find its way into our formerly somewhat small and conf... more

September 2012

Prepare for Pheasant Season Now
by Dennis Foster
Thoughts of Pheasant Hunting may not be your highest priority until the leaves are falling. But, if you are serious about the sport and want to get the most out of your hunting experience…you should be doing something about it right now. I know many of you feel all you need to do is grab your trusty old gun and vest, toss the dog in vehicle and you are all set. If you want to break from the m... more

August 2012

Methods for Selectively Targeting Larger Walleye's
by Dennis Foster
I know this may sound counterintuitive as much of the time we are happy just to find the elusive buggers and simply take what they give us. If you want to up your game a bit and try to weed out the smaller eater sized fish and specifically focus your efforts on the largest mature fish on any given body of water, there are some things you can do help put the odds in your favor. Yes, you will be s... more

June 2012

Put Some Meat Into Your Trolling
by Dennis Foster
As the weather begins to warm in earnest and we trend into the Summer months, we see not only the air temperature rise; but more importantly-the water temperature. Just as we tend to become much more active, fish of all species respond in kind, particularly my favorite-walleye's. Meaning we can now begin to leave behind some of the finesse tactics that are so common early in the open water perio... more

April 2012

Smiling Slow Death
by Dennis Foster
I am going to relay a couple of things that may be known to some of the more savvy walleye anglers out there, but may not be to the vast masses of anglers. In doing so, I will also share how to combine the two into what I personally feel is the hottest livebait technique available today. What I am referring to is using the slow death method of presenting a half crawler, typically delivering ... more

January 2012

Break From The Pack
by Dennis Foster
The subject matter I write about has always had a strong focus on education, whether it be about fish location and behavior or in presentations and the associated lures used to elicit a positive response. I would like to continue on with that theme and implore some of you (probably the majority of you) to self-educate yourselves. What I am referring to is the now all too common practice of fo... more

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