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February 2016

Aim For The O2
by Mitch Eagan
Imagine your home growing darker by the day, to the point you haven't seen sunlight in over a month. Moreover, your surroundings are growing colder by the day. In fact, it's so frigid that your muscles have become rigid; to the point it's all you can do to muster moving few feet…even to eat. And you're hungry. Oxygen is diminishing, too. Some areas are completely void of oxygen, while other po... more

December 2014

Ice Fishing Over the Edge
by Mitch Eagan
Surface irregularities serve as a template for pinpoint hole drilling during early-ice Landing a limit of fish through a hole is a lot like running a flourishing retail business - no matter what you're offering, success ultimately boils down to location, location... location. "Close enough" won't cut it with fish or commerce. In hardwater angling, the exact position of your hole must ofte... more
Spoony Tunes
by Mitch Eagan
Not any old spoon works wonders when the bite... bites Flip, flash, flutter and fall; jigging spoons have it all. Whether tipped with livebait, fake or sporting nothing but a plain Jane hook, jigging with spoons is one of the deadliest tactics for taking fish through the ice. But not any old spoon is going to work wonders every time out. The lure's shape, metal-makeup and the thickness o... more

October 2013

Last Chance Smallie Stance
by Mitch Eagan
Tumbling water temperatures in lake autumn supply the best big fish bite It took only one quick glance of the sonar screen to realize the end was near. The temperature readout was reporting water cold enough that, in just a few short weeks, would sport a paper-thin layer of ice. Targeting smallmouth bass from the Lund was soon to come to its seasonal end. But in my favor was the fact that w... more

September 2013

King Me A River
by Mitch Eagan
Chinook salmon are brutes in size as well brawny in battle; especially when fresh from the inland seas It's well known fact the environment of a river is ever changing. Trees tumble. Rains fall and load the riverbed. Slowly, holes fill-in while others take shape. This time of year, though, Great Lakes tributaries can be altered so abruptly that you can actually smell the difference in th... more

March 2013

Winter's Last Silver Flash
by Mitch Eagan
Success rates look up when anglers recognize that the crappies are feeding up Winter's grip will soon relax. As the season's thick grey clouds thin, elevating rays of sun will slash through the bitter air and warm it to a more comfortable tone. The snowpack's about to melt; the warming environment is a trigger for once-lethargic crappie to roam towards shallow water from their dead-of-winter... more

December 2012

The High and Sly for Northern Pike
by Mitch Eagan
Big fish frequent the upper reaches of the water column and often go undetected... Bellied to bottom; prowling from within thick masses of weeds- that's the most common contemplation about the whereabouts of northern pike and what they are doing there. While it's true many a monstrous Esox entangled in vegetation has been pulled through a hole in the ice, the truth of the matter is trophy-siz... more

September 2012

The Heavy on Fishing Big Waters Small
by Mitch Eagan
It's the time of year Great Lakes anglers can catch a stringer full of fish too weighty for one man to carry More often than not, the best way to find fish in big water is to fish it small. With that said, ponder the enormity of the Great Lakes. To say these waterways are massive is the understatement of a lifetime. Each of the five is literally hundreds of thousands of acres of water enc... more
Weighty Tips for Fishing Ultra-Lite Crankbaits
by Mitch Eagan
They glitter. Shine. Shimmer in the light. Minuscule minnows and young-of-the-year fishes are everywhere. Deep, shallow, swimming amongst the thickest cover, suspended high in the water column or bellied to bottom. The fact is there are more of these tiny tidbits swimming about lakes, reservoirs and rivers than any other species with scales. While there are still days the old adage "big lures c... more

August 2012

Reach High for Clear Water Salmon
by Mitch Eagan
Much has changed within the underwater world the salmon of the Great Lakes swim. Nowadays, it's more than just the common cyclic climbs and crashes in the population of both predator and prey that have sportfishing catches varying year to year. In addition to Mother Nature's natural order is the introduction of a glut of exotic species flushed from the ballasts of freighters from foreign seas. ... more

June 2012

Cranks for Capricious Great Lakes Trout and Salmon
by Mitch Eagan
Contrary to popular belief, the vibrations and gyrations of bodybaits (aka crankbaits) often prevail over the standard spin, flash and roll of conventional metal Cast. Troll. Fish them high in the water column or low. Tie on a bodybait and ply any of the Great Lakes for trout and salmon and you'll often have the upper hand. Spoons, spinners, flashers and flies are standard issue anywhere ... more

January 2012

Bait with Bite
by Mitch Eagan
More anglers than you'd think eat bait. Not because they have to as a result of today's hard economic times, but simply because they want to. Now I'm not talking nibbling on waxies and grated white cheddar sprinkled over a wheat wafer, but instead, gorging on a main course of succulent smelt after an evening of intentionally targeting these fanged torpedoes through the ice. It's all because sm... more

November 2011

Icing Hawgs in Crystalline Waters... the Answers are Clear
by Mitch Eagan
Three pro anglers make a quiet habit of catching fish from clear waters When lakes freeze over and fishing pros Mark Martin, Mike Gofron and Mark Brumbaugh can't launch their Lund boats, you'll surely find them ice fishing the inland waters and Great Lakes near their homes. The distinguished angling trio, who reside in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio, respectfully, are surrounded by some of th... more

July 2011

Search Deep Structure for Late Summer Pike
by Mitch Eagan
Behemoths may not come easy, but the devoted know beastly pike are worth the time Bait mangling marauders. Lure pilfering predators. Slimy line-shearing snakes. Sad but true, the northern pike often gets no justice. But it's only anglers that have deprived themselves of targeting trophy-size fish during the summer months that take up this preposterous position. While many anglers cast shore... more

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