Tom Neustrom's Articles

May 2013

Windy Spaces and Angling Aces
by Tom Neustrom
Build up some speed and a dog will nearly put its head through the window to catch a breeze. Our canine companions lose sense of place and time, not to mention discipline when the truck starts cooking down the highway. Albeit for different reasons, walleyes will also drop everything when a wind whips up. Instincts take control and nature's programming says the moving air is also heating up the kit... more

October 2012

Shake, Rattle and Troll
by Tom Neustrom
One man's cheat sheet for knowing when and when not to call on rattling crankbaits The world of sound additives as they relate to fishing has been a hot topic for decades. Knowing when and where to introduce sound, and then how much of it, is critical to success whether you're trolling for walleyes with leadcore or casting bodybaits over reefs for smallmouth bass. When it comes to walleyes, ... more

April 2012

Shallow Personalities
by Tom Neustrom
Walleyes are flexible, their lives spent adapting to ever evolving surroundings. This opposed to the fact that many walleye anglers are inflexible, set in their ways. Such was the case fishing alongside friends and relatives as a punk kid who should be happy just to have a seat in the boat. Those formative years were banked on Lake Geneva in Southern Wisconsin fishing with my Dad. We fished for... more

March 2012

Man to Man, Guide to Guide
by Tom Neustrom
You could say we northerners sometimes migrate with the geese, or more like snowbirds, to places far from the frosted lands. No doubt, the warm sun on one's back is reward enough, but for many anglers, it's the pursuit of openwater alternatives that lure us southward. For me, even a week or two below the Ice Belt recharges my fishing soul and preps me for the final few weeks of ice fishing. Th... more

February 2012

Late Ice, Little Tigers
by Tom Neustrom
Late winter brings about opportunities. Certain species begin lining up like 2-for1 day at "Old Country Buffet." Yellow perch, in particular, become extremely active during the final weeks of the ice season. Some real monster perch get stuck this time of the year, and I'm not talking the thumbs down size, but the 10, 12, and 14-inchers we crave to catch. These egg-laden chubos cruise mud flats ... more

June 2011

Lighter Side of Jigs
by Tom Neustrom
It happened again, just like the last Minnesota Walleye Opener, and one before that. We were dosie-doe-ing amongst dozens of other boats, all square dancing over a giant piece of structure and dipping jigs. Not bragging, but like last time and the time before that, our Lund's catch rate trumped the dance floor. Soon, other boats orbited us like moons circling a planet. Elbow room tightened, but we... more

December 2010

Poof - The Magic's in the Draggin'
by Tom Neustrom
A sudden stop, drop, drag and lift can produce fiery strikes when all else fails Today's ice angler has sled-loads of advantages over the pioneers of yesteryear. Take present-day lures, for example. Tackle technology offers the capacity to mimic the size, shape and color of forage to a tee. And with nothing more than a simple rise and fall of the rod tip, they have the curb appeal to flip-flop ... more

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