Tony Roach's Articles

July 2011

The Ultimate Reaction Strike
by Tony Roach
One of the most overused terms in fishing today is "reaction strike." It seems like every time you turn around, someone else is talking about a scenario where a fish has been magically stimulated to bite. The truth, of course, is that fish strike baits for one primary reason-to eat. As anglers, we're in the persuasion business-doing things with presentation that allure fish to bite when they other... more

January 2010

Search And Destroy
by Tony Roach
"New Wave" Fish Finding Tactics on Ice When you spend your winters guiding on a huge lake like Central Minnesota's Mille Lacs, doing all the things it takes to find biting fish can test your resolve. There's only one way to the fish - drilling lots and lots of holes. My guides and I sometimes spend entire days doing nothing but searching-one guy drills, another dude scans with an underwater ca... more

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