Joe Bucher's Articles

November 2009

Three Simple Keys To More Muskies
by Joe Bucher
I relate back to my days as a guide quite often in articles. Still to this day, it is my main foundation of musky memories and knowledge. Admittedly, I still rely on it a lot in my writing since it involved so many experiences over time. This past winter, someone in the audience at a musky seminar asked me the question "why are some anglers more successful than others"? As I attempted to ... more

October 2009

A Wind Friendly Stand - Critical To Bow Hunting Success
by Joe Bucher
The task of actually picking a stand site can be one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of a hunt. When a stand is "right", you're surely going to get some action. When it is "wrong", you'll likely be staring at a lot of trees, but few if any deer. Countless outings perched in treestands over promising spots has taught me many lessons both good and bad. Here's a sampling of what I'v... more

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