Tony Dean's Articles

October 2008

Decoying Geese In Fields
by Tony Dean
It seems hardly a day goes by this time of year when I fail to get an email asking about how to set up decoys in fields. Many hunters seem to be under the mistaken impression there's a magic spread or formation that will lure the birds. The most important consideration is to set up in a field the birds want to feed in. You locate such a field by scouting. Canada geese are more habit-oriented ... more

August 2008

Catching Fish in July & August
by Tony Dean
July and August are traditionally the hottest months of the year and are a real test of the fisherman's skill. I've known and spent time on the water with a lot of fishermen and I've noticed that the really good ones are flexible, they don't hesitate to fish different places or vary their baits, lures and tactics as the conditions change. They aren't even locked into catching just bass or wal... more

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