Nancy Schraufnagel's Articles

September 2007

Fishing for Cats
by Nancy Schraufnagel
I love to fish. I don't get the opportunity as much as I would like, but when I do, LOOK OUT Cats. A while ago , my hubby (Perch) and myself decided to take a day and go fishing. Well, we headed to Water works Park Beaver Dam and launched the boat and headed to Denning's Point, better known to me as Rasmussen Point. We are getting all set up and this time I... more

June 2007

Hunting is my Passion
by Nancy Schraufnagel
From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a hunter. My Dad and my brother Ron (who aren’t with me today) were very active hunters. I always wanted to go with them, but Dad said, that is no place for a little girl to be, so I always had to stay home. I was always proud, when they would come home, with 2 or more deer tied to the truck. My Dad would say, (that was a successful hunt. Me... more

February 2007

Turkey Hunting
by Nancy Schraufnagel
This was my very first Turkey hunting experience ever and this takes place at Mirror State Park in Wisconsin Dells Area. I remember having beautiful weather and having my favorite hunting partner with me, my husband Carl. Well, it is very early in the morning and we arrived at the park. While getting all my hunting gear ready, we take a look around to see where the best place to hunt would be. Af... more

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