Alice Williamson's Articles

July 2007

My First Successful Turkey Hunt
by Alice Williamson
This year, during the 2007 spring turkey season, we tried to get tags for the first weekend of the hunting season. I guess the demand for the zone we applied for was too high and my husband, Mike, and I were not one of the lucky ones to receive tags. In a way it was a blessing in disguise as some of you may know that we had cold, windy and snowy weather that weekend, with some places getting 7-8... more

May 2007

Fishing is not just a Man’s sport anymore
by Alice Williamson
We all know that in order to fish there are no height requirements or a need to be strong and physically fit. Some fishing skills, that many woman already posses, are patience, finesse and agility. Traditionally fishing was "A mans sport". Fishing was something that men would learn from their fathers and grandfathers. It was something that the men would go out and do not even just to fish but ... more

March 2007

Geocaching and a lesson learned
by Alice Williamson
We had taken a family trip to the Black Bear Lodge in St. Germain in February of 2007. Taking a look at the weather before we head out we see that there was a chance that we would have to deal with a snow storm, but we had a list of things that we would like to attempt to do while on our family weekend getaway. First on our list was to ice fish, of course, and the second was to try geocaching. ... more
by Alice Williamson
One of the things I strongly believe in is creating as many memories as possible throughout my life, especially with my children. I am sure that most of us have memories of someone close to you that showed you how to fish or hunt. I have many memories of my Grandfather, one of the greatest men I have ever known, taking me fishing when I was a little girl. He is the one that helped me fall in lo... more
Whatever you do – Don’t wait.
by Alice Williamson
We all have made mistakes when it comes to hunting, where you say to yourself “I should have been here." or “If I would have known." Well I am going to share a little turkey hunting story with you. My husband probably will not like it too much, but it did actually teach me a lesson that I will never forget. A few years ago for Christmas I had gotten my husband a GPS as a gift. H... more

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