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March 2003

2003 Fishing Trips
by Robert Piorkowski
The 2003 fishing season has already started, yet I’m way behind on my planning for the year. This past January we made the trek up to Lake Poygan for the Lake-Link ice fishing outing. This was my second time attending the event, and each year its gets better and better. Make plans now to attend next year. As far as the rest of 2003 is concerned, there are many places that need to be fished, an... more

February 2002

Winter Flytying
by Robert Piorkowski
Well I’m finally thawed out from the ice-outing at Fox Lake. The weather gives us snow one day, and 40 degrees the next. This isn’t winter, it’s a ploy to make us wade-fishermen go crazy. One thing is for sure, icefishing season is in stride, and attending all the outdoor/RV shows makes me forget about how many more weeks until open water. Currently, attending the shows is not helping my cabin... more

December 2001

My List for Gifts
by Robert Piorkowski
Having trouble trying to a gift for an outdoors person?? As a fisherman and hunter, I'm always on the search for new and better products to make my time outside enjoyable. We all enjoy giving, but the hard part is shopping, especially when the recipient is an outdoors person. Below, I've tried to put together a short list of items, to expedite your (or my wife's) shopping. As an avid sho... more

October 2001

Pre-Fall Feeding Frenzy
by Robert Piorkowski
Usually, my lunchtimes are spent reading or fishing when the weather is nice. Recently, I needed to get out and wet a line. Current reports said rain was approaching, it was overcast but I ignored the weather and headed to a local hotspot. The first pond I hit was very calm, so I threw a buzzbait for about 15 minutes near some shore structure. Nothing, not even a rise at my go-to-hotspots... ... more

August 2001

Basic River Tackle for Wading
by Robert Piorkowski
One of the main questions I hear about river fishing is, “what should I bring?" As an avid wader fisherman of 3 main rivers within 30 miles of Chicago, I say, “you don’t need a lot". The main thing is, keep it simple. I bring up to 2 small (7-inch) tackle boxes, and a small container if I’m using bait. All tools, bait, and leaders are kept in the pockets of my vest. Granted it can get bulky, ... more

April 2001

Get Ready for Spring Flyfishing
by Robert Piorkowski
All I have been hearing lately is "You're flyfishing at this time of year?" My reply has been, "Yes I am". Its been cold out, but there are plenty of places to go flyfishing around northern Illinois and Wisconsin, and probably your town. There might be snow and ice on the driveway, but some of the rivers are clear and fishable. Spring fishing will be here this month, and now is the t... more

November 2000

First or Last Cast
by Robert Piorkowski
So you are heading out for a day of fishing, or for a few hours. You are mentally ready and have all your tackle prepared. Here is the question that I'm asking. Would you rather catch a great fish on your first or last cast of the day? Speaking from experience, I've had lots of these days on the water, including zero fish days. From my observations, it's interesting to see the different ... more

October 2000

Pond Fishing Review
by Robert Piorkowski
There is a small pond near my neighborhood where I frequently fish. The Pond is pretty small, its size is less than 5 acres. I'm close enough that I am able to walk over and be fishing in about 5 minutes. Plenty of neighbors have asked me my destination as I walked by with rods on my shoulder. They are usually surprised to hear that anything lives in the pond, let alone bass. Earl... more

September 2000

Lost Resource
by Robert Piorkowski
In my area, there are numerous ponds where I like to fish and spend a little quiet time. Specifically, one pond is located five minutes from where I work. Including driving time, I get to spend 20-30 minutes fishing at any one pond. I've spent many lunches wetting a line and noticing that the time had passed in a flash. It's not like fishing the big lake, or Canada, but it's relaxing... more

July 2000

by Robert Piorkowski
It was just like you see on the fishing shows. I tossed out my fly, mended for the drift, and slowly worked the bottom. After several bumps I felt the familiar steady pull. Fish-On! My goal this summer was to get out and flyfish at least once a week. I spent the winter watching tapes, reading books and magazines and attending seminars. I was ready to catch anything that swam. My homework ... more

June 2000

DesPlaines River Tributaries
by Robert Piorkowski
The DesPlaines River has many feeder creeks and streams that enter the river from Libertyville to Channahon. Some creeks have considerable flow, others only flow during storm events. Some of the best fishing in the Chicago area is 100 yards or less up these feeder creeks. Because of storm events, deep channels have been formed in these feeder creeks due to high flows of storm water. Some small... more

May 2000

Fox River Memory
by Robert Piorkowski
As prime fishing season begins, I like to remember the great days fishing of last year. Its the memories and thoughts of past time spent on the water that keeps me returning for more. It was late in the summer and I wanted to fish a little after work. The sun was setting so I only had about a half hour of power fishing. The plan was to try the Fox River near Batavia for smallmouth bass. Beca... more

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