Patricia Strutz's Articles

June 2009

Sunglasses for Fishermen and Women
by Patricia Strutz
Sunglasses are not only an outdoor person's friend, but an integral part of our tool chest. In addition to reducing glare to help locate underwater structure, they also provide much needed protection. However, in the world of sunglasses, there are many different levels of quality. Choosing a pair solely by how they look on you or by the lowest price is not your best bet. There are four basic ... more

October 2008

Rod Bending Pike Action
by Patricia Strutz
One of Wisconsin's most common gamefish is the scrappy Northern Pike. This predator is easily identified by its dark background marked by light colored horizontal bars. With a voracious appetite, a northern pike makes for steady rod bending action accentuated by quick bursts of strength and speed. As a musky fishing guide, I especially enjoy encounters with pike because they keep us f... more
Row Trolling
by Patricia Strutz
I've been a row trolling enthusiast for many years and would like to share this great technique with you all. Row trolling, at its simplest, is just "working the oars" (powering the boat by manpower not by a motor) and dragging (trolling) lures at the same time. Pretty simple stuff...and, it catches fish! I've always touted this technique as a user-friendly kind of fishing. The craft is ba... more

April 2007

Springtime Bass Fishing
by Patricia Strutz
Springtime bass angling is the perfect way to turn new anglers or your kids on to fishing. You will all enjoy their terrific fighting tendencies and the sheer number of bass that are available in the spring adds up to great fun. I believe our Northwoods bass fishery is one of our best kept secrets. Growth rates here are average to above average. In many regards our smallmouth fishery is virt... more
Springtime Walleye Fishing Tips
by Patricia Strutz
Want to put some tasty walleyes on your dinner table? Vilas county guides share some insights with us… In early spring you have a great shot fishing for walleyes because they are so accessible. If there is late ice out the fish stay very shallow for two to three weeks after the spawning process. They may still be in only 3-4' of water. The best time to fish in early spring is either duri... more

December 2006

Graphite Replicas
by Patricia Strutz
The Fish That Keeps Getting Away... I was spending the week fishing on Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada. My boat partner was my husband, Jim Behm. For those readers who are not familiar with me-let me introduce myself...I'm one of those addicted "muskyheads" that pound the water for hours on end and are happy when we see one fish follow our lure. I've caught hundreds of muskies over t... more

November 2006

Cabela's Women's Guidewear Systems Parka & Pants
by Patricia Strutz
As a professional fishing guide, many times I see clients show up inappropriately dressed for the weather. We may fish for 8-9 hours through steady, driving rain. Mother Nature is just might have to deal with a few days of rain on your next fishing trip, too. But, sometimes these rainy days yield big results (see photo!) In times past, outdoorswomen were very limited in their... more
The ABC's of Fishing
by Patricia Strutz
Want to learn how to catch more fish? Go to school! Here in Wisconsin we are blessed with thousands of bodies of water to wet a line on. Many of us grew up learning to fish from our parents or grandparents, but, not everyone is that lucky. As a fishing guide, I meet many anglers new to the sport. This is particularly true with women. How is a gal supposed to learn to jig for walleyes or tr... more

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