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August 2008

The Big Picture
by Jackie Vogen
It's often said that making a difference in the life of another can be a very rewarding experience. So once again my husband and I are volunteering our time and fishing skills through a therapeutic and recreational program. This program that we're involved in is the "Learn to Fish" program. It's a ten week program that our fishing club sponsors. We assist and teach basic fishing skills to individ... more

June 2008

No Bologna - The Old Timers Had a Great Weekend
by Jackie Vogen
If you haven't learned the meaning of true friendship, then you need to check out Lake Link's "Old Timer's" thread. We've been called "Old Timers" and "Old Geezers", but our friendships and our sense of humor have been a major contributing defense against aging. Nonetheless, our social roles may be aging, but we're young at heart. One of my discoveries that I'd like to reinforce is that true frien... more

May 2008

Safe Boating
by Jackie Vogen
My husband and I purchased our first boat approximately three years ago. At that time, boating was new to me, so my immediate goal was to gain a better understanding of boating. As a novice, my objective was to learn to properly operate a boat and become an informed recreational boater through educational boating courses. I wanted to maximize my awareness of boat safety and become a responsible bo... more

April 2008

Fishing With Children
by Jackie Vogen
Winter is now behind us, spring has finally sprung, and fishermen are making plans to hit the water to do some fishing. While making plans, here's something to think about. Have you given any thought about setting one day aside to introduce a child to the sport of fishing? For those of you who don't have children or grandchildren, I'm sure you can find a young relative or even a child in your neig... more

March 2008

The Old Timer's Ice Fishing Classic
by Jackie Vogen
What brought me to Lake-Link was the "Women and Fishing" area; however, while surfing one day, I discovered another topic that also piqued my interest. With one click of the mouse it led me to the "Old Timer's" thread. Here, I met my new friend, JayLane. He told me this thread started up a few years ago, and it was founded on the basis of having a place where a group of people of any age could mee... more

February 2008

The Friends We Meet Along the Way
by Jackie Vogen
I've often said, "The fish are just a bonus". Now let me explain how I've come to this conclusion. When you think about all the fishermen that you've met through the years, and then think about the friendships that have developed through fishing, you'll have a better appreciation as to why I think this way. My guess would be that you've made many friends through fishing, as fishing and friendships... more

January 2008

Gearing Up For A Successful Season
by Jackie Vogen
I've fished all season, moving from one hot spot to the next, in search of the elusive fish. And, just when I thought I was done for the year, I find myself gearing up for 2008. My boat has been winterized and put into storage, but my thoughts are continuing on how to make this upcoming season more efficient and enjoyable. And this is what I'm planning to do… While fishing in my boat last yea... more

December 2007

My Dream of Catching My First Musky Comes True
by Jackie Vogen
Legend has it that Muskies are a fish of 10,000 casts. I kept playing this thought in my mind as I prepared for my upcoming Musky trip to Webster Lake, Indiana. As an inexperienced Musky fisherman, I managed to read a few articles about these toothy critters and realized that capturing a Musky is a task that only a few will accomplish. Despite the fact that my chances would be slim, I kept an open... more

November 2007

The Benefits Of Joining A Fishing Club
by Jackie Vogen
When I joined a fishing club in July of 2006, I didn't know what to expect; however, I can say that I've found more than I had anticipated. People join fishing clubs for several different reasons and the format of each club is different. I joined to be around people that were passionate about fishing and who shared a common interest. As a novice, I was looking to gain fishing knowledge. I had tho... more

October 2007

Learning is the Key to Your Success
by Jackie Vogen
As a child growing up, I never went fishing; now at age 50, I'm trying to make up for lost time. I've only been fishing for 2 ½ years and I'm trying to learn all game species. It has been an "intense learning phase" for me because I have a strong desire to learn; however, I'm enjoying every moment. The courage of working for something that you believe in, day in and day out, can be difficult, but ... more

September 2007

Sometimes the Fish are Just a Bonus
by Jackie Vogen
Fishing with your family and friends is a great way to spend quality time while making memories. Have you ever given any thought to taking an extra step and donating your time and fishing skills to individuals with disabilities or special needs? I have found the secret to life is not only doing what you love to do, but to open your heart and make a difference by giving back to your community thro... more

August 2007

One Is Not Always the Loneliest Number
by Jackie Vogen
Fishing alone sometimes offers opportunities that don't present themselves while you're fishing with your friends. Now don't get me wrong, fishing is definitely better when shared with a friend, but sometimes silence is golden. Yesterday I fished with one of my friends and today I fished alone. Every now and then we need some quiet, quality time to ourselves to reflect. Let me explain why fishi... more

June 2007

I Can Have My Cake and Eat it Too
by Jackie Vogen
Spring weather not only brings good fishing, but as it approaches I have to fight the urge to hit the lake. As a woman, and like many women, we have to balance our work and family and manage multiple roles. Being a mom and a wife can be challenging but rewarding. When our children are young we have to perform a juggling act between our busy and hectic days and often find less time to do something ... more

May 2007

Hidden Lakes Fee Fishing Resort is No Longer a Secret
by Jackie Vogen
In Northern Illinois come spring time there are many lakes that open up, but on April 1st the lake that comes to mind for me is Hidden Lakes Fee Fishing Resort. Hidden Lakes is located on Rt. #53 and Coal City Road hidden between Wilmington and Braidwood, Illinois. Many people get out on the larger lakes, but Hidden Lakes is composed of two smaller lakes that are accessible for the everyday bank f... more

April 2007

Chasing My Dream in My New Crestliner Boat
by Jackie Vogen
Timing is everything and all things taken into consideration, my husband and I were prepared to take "the plunge" and purchase our first ever boat. I truly believe we not only made a good investment in the purchase of our new Crestliner boat, but also an investment that was going to provide us with many years of enjoyment. Keep in mind, Kenny is not only my husband, but he's my best friend too; ... more

March 2007

Lake-Link's Ice Fishing Jamboree '07
by Jackie Vogen
Over 400 fishermen and ice fishing enthusiasts gathered for the 8th Annual Ice Fishing Jamboree on February 3rd, at Lake Lawn Resort in Delevan, Wisconsin. Making the trip up north from Illinois, I arrived late in the day and wasn't able to register in time to fish in the event; however, I might add that this was a blessing in disguise. The adverse weather conditions were an enemy to many of the w... more

February 2007

It’s Not Always The Fish That Bites The Lure
by Jackie Vogen
January and February is the time of year when many fishermen will be attending numerous Outdoor Sport Shows. This "one stop shopping event" is where many anglers will gather and spend the entire day buying fishing tackle. In preparation for the big event, I've not only made my shopping list and checked it twice, but I've also done my homework. Successful fishing requires knowledge of various types... more

November 2006

Making the Fishing Connection
by Jackie Vogen
The man I adore, my husband and friend of 31 years, has once again opened my eyes to his way of thinking. We've not only made the connection, but we've made the fishing connection. I've always had a pretty good insight into the way this man thinks, but there's been a few times in our marriage when I couldn't comprehend him. For instance, I could never understand why he needed a dozen fishing rods,... more
We Don't Know What We've Been Missing Until It Arrives
by Jackie Vogen
As I'm approaching age 50, I've finally discovered my passion in life. I LOVE TO FISH! I guess you could say that I've always had a genetic urge to fish. As a child growing up, I always had a strong desire to fish, but was never given an opportunity to go, as only my four brothers were allowed; you know the old cliché, "Girls can't fish!" I always enjoyed hearing about my brother's stories, but... more

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