Dave Duwe's Articles

January 2017

Destination Delavan Lake - Winter Perch Bonanza
by Dave Duwe
Delavan Lake is one of the finest ice fishing destinations in Southeastern, Wisconsin. The lake is an hour from Milwaukee and one and a half hours from Chicago. Delavan Lake is roughly 2,200 acres with a maximum depth of 52 feet. The lake has many different fishing opportunities, whether it's deep-water yellow perch or weedline walleyes. The shallow bays make available a lot of Northern Pike ... more

December 2015

Passing on a Passion
by Dave Duwe
One man's hobby has turned into a passion to teach children. Al Hutchison, has been teaching kids the art of rod building for the past nine years. Over the course of that time, he has literally taught hundreds of children and some of their parents how to construct their own custom made fishing rod. As a young boy, Al lived on Rice Lake, in Whitewater, Wisconsin. This is where his love of f... more

July 2015

Hook, Line & Sinker: The Technique of Choice
by Dave Duwe
Fishing is not always about the most expensive gear and tackle. Most of the time keeping it simple produces the most fish. Over the two decades that I have been guiding, I have chased the fishing trends trying to catch more and bigger fish. Out of all the products and methods I have fished, I have always come back to the tried and true method; the split shot rig. The split shot rig is as sim... more

April 2015

It’s Opening Day
by Dave Duwe
It's opening day! Not for baseball or the horse track, but for the gamefish season on the inland lakes of Wisconsin. The first Saturday in May is the official start of fishing season. The opening of fishing season marks the renewed traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. My tradition is the start of my guiding season. Of course I do find time to take my son or daugh... more

March 2015

Take a Kid Fishing, Ice Fishing That Is
by Dave Duwe
With the internet it has been almost impossible to get any kids to play outside or enjoy the outdoors. Most kids are always "plugged in" to their phones or computers. This is a big factor in the decline of the fishing industry as a whole. Given that fact I take every opportunity to introduce someone to the sport I love and make my livelihood at, teaching people how to fish is my small way to pa... more

December 2014

Fish On (or maybe not??)
by Dave Duwe
Everyone has caught the occasional stick bass or weed bass, but the real thrill is catching the non-native exotic species. Being a professional fishing guide for over 20 years, my clients and I have caught thousands and thousands of fish. There have been the 20 pound Northern Pike to 8 pound largemouth bass. Spending so many days on the water, I have had the opportunity to catch anything that s... more

October 2014

Fall Perch Pattern
by Dave Duwe
As the days are getting shorter and winter moves closer across the Midwest. This signals the migration of most fish from their summer haunts to pre-winter staging areas. This is the time yellow perch are also migrating from the main lake basin to the shallows. Like the other fish species they are concentrated and actively feeding. Perch will travel in schools throughout the day. Once you... more

August 2014

Big Bass on Big Bobbers
by Dave Duwe
With the ups and downs with the weather and the seasons, it adds a challenge to put fish in the boats for my clients. In the late part of summer, the bite has a tendency to slow down a bit; this time is also known as the "dog days of summer". To have success, I have to resort to more live bait presentations to make happy customers. One of my favorite methods is a slip bobber rig, not for walley... more

June 2014

Putting Bluegills to Bed
by Dave Duwe
Bluegills will spawn in mid- May through June, they prefer to spawn when the water temperature reaches 70 degrees. This time of year, I often find active bluegills in less than 3 feet of water. I search for the warmest water on the lake, typically on a sunny shoreline. I choose locations like the back of bays or channels and look for soft muddy bottoms. They seem to warm more quickly and hold ... more

May 2014

Livebait Techniques
by Dave Duwe
When I started guiding, years ago, I was an artificial bait guy; jigs, plastic worms, spinnerbaits, etc. Oh, I caught fish, sometimes a lot of them. My customers who only fished a couple of times a year had fun, however we could have caught double or triple the fish if we would have used the bait from the good earth. In the lakes I fish most, like Lake Geneva and Delavan Lake, I have found that ... more

March 2014

It's Spring Somewhere
by Dave Duwe
Knowing that spring is a long way off in Wisconsin this year, we decided to take a family vacation to Port Charlotte, Florida. Yes, we had sunshine and 80 degree temperatures for most of our trip. Anyone who knows me, knows that I never leave home without my fishing pole and this trip was no exception. I booked a couple of fishing trips and had my sights on some shoreline fishing as well. A lo... more

February 2014

Deep Ice Bluegills
by Dave Duwe
After first ice, the bluegills will migrate from the shallow water haunts of early season ice and suspend over the main lake basin. The best months to catch deepwater gills' are Late January through February. I consider deepwater any water depth over 15 feet of water. Deep water bluegills are roaming and don't concentrate in any area for a long period of time. When they move they are usually... more

October 2013

No Waders Required
by Dave Duwe
If you are bored with duck hunting and deer hunting, and you are an inland fisherman, there are fishing opportunities that many miss. Living in Southeastern Wisconsin, we are blessed to be in close proximity to one of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan provides a year round fishery for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout. The best Steelhead fishing starts in October, after the close of the S... more

September 2013

Lindy Rigging
by Dave Duwe
Live bait fishing has been part of my fishing repertoire since I was old enough to hold a pole. Using natural bait will increase your odds of success. Some forty years later, I am still fishing a making a career out of it being a professional fishing guide. With clients, and young people, live bait is the easiest and most productive way to catch fish. Anyone who has fished with me over the ... more

August 2013

Cheap Beer and a Can of Corn
by Dave Duwe
Almost twenty-five years ago in college, I became a self-proclaimed professional carp angler. I was catching carp before carp became cool to fish for. I went to school in Stevens Point, WI which was a short hop to the Wisconsin River. The river has opportunities for almost all the game fish that swim in Wisconsin. But instead of game fish, I chose to fish for carp. Considered by most a "rough... more

June 2013

Making it Great Again
by Dave Duwe
By all accounts from the old timers, Lake Geneva in the 1960's was a walleye factory. Over the course of many years the population of walleyes has been on a steady decline. This may be due to poor natural reproduction or a myriad of environmental changes throughout the decades. You can accept the reality or do something to change the harsh and steady decline. A small group of eight or so in 20... more

May 2013

Panfish Bites
by Dave Duwe
Panfish in Spring can be some of the best of the year, big and plentiful. My favorite lakes in Southern Wisconsin are Delavan Lake and Lake Geneva, both are in Walworth County. Both lakes are very clear and warm more slowly than a murky or shallow lake. Warm sunny days tend to make the panfish more active. I find that the afternoon bite is usually better after the water has had the full effect... more

March 2013

A New Technique Pays Dividends
by Dave Duwe
There is an old analogy that 10 percent of the fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish. Catching fish to most is considered luck, however the diehard anglers know that there are tricks and subtle patterns that will help you put more fish in the boat on a given trip to the water. This has never been so true than during my recent trip to Naples, Florida. I have been going to Florida the past five... more

February 2013

Ice Fishing Small Waters for Big Success
by Dave Duwe
I have been a small water fisherman for many years in the summer months. It wasn't until the mild winters of the past several years that I have had to go to smaller bodies of water to find safe ice. I consider small water fishing farm ponds, detention basins and public park bodies of water. Fishing these smaller bodies is really quite relaxing as the crowds are almost non- existent. Most of... more

December 2012

First Ice, Shallow Water, and the Wily Pike
by Dave Duwe
After a big Turkey dinner many guys take their post- Thanksgiving naps, if you ice fish, you are likely dreaming of the first ice fishing trip of the year. In most years, it is only a couple of weeks away, and on special years, only a couple of days away. My family's two favorite species to fish for during the first ice season are northern pike or bluegills. For my son, Nate , it's all about th... more

November 2012

Not an Average October Fishing Trip
by Dave Duwe
Talk about a fishing change of pace. Normally in October, my college buddies Tim, Steve and I would have been planning our annual Musky Trip to Bone Lake, in Polk County, WI. But this year was different. This October, I had the opportunity to go fishing in Chatham Harbor, off Cape Cod, Massachusetts on the Atlantic Ocean. The fishing trip was a renewal of old friendships that spans more than tw... more

October 2012

A Guide’s Guide to the Flambeau Flowage
by Dave Duwe
Though summer is over and most have their boats put away for the winter, October is one of the best months of the year for numbers and trophy sized fish. A favorite walleye hot spot is the Turtle Flambeau Flowage near Mercer, WI. I recently spent a day on the water with Jerry "Jerkbait" Hartigan, owner of Flambeau Flowage Sports. Jerry has over 30 years of experience fishing the flowage. Over ... more

September 2012

Fall Patterns for Big Success
by Dave Duwe
Just because it's after Labor Day, doesn't mean fishing season is over. Some of my best months to fish are September and October. The best part of fishing in fall is the huge decrease in boat traffic and anglers fighting for the same fishing spots. As the water cools, it brings the fish from the deep water main lake basin back to a more fishable depth range for the average angler. I consider a... more

August 2012

The Joy Of Fishing With Kids
by Dave Duwe
I have been a professional fishing guide for over twenty years. I have had thousands of people in my boat, from NFL Players to an 80 year old coal miner from West Virginia. Besides the good laughs and interesting stories, we have caught a lot of fish. Only 3 times in 20 years has the boat been skunked! Out of all of the trips, the most enjoyable trips I have had are when I've been teaching a c... more

July 2012

The Jig Worm: Not Just For Finesse Fishing
by Dave Duwe
Over the last few years jig worm fishing has become very popular. Very versatile, a jig worm can be used in deep weedlines, skipped under docks, and of course, finesse fished around shallow cover. A jig worm is simply a lead head jig with a piece of plastic on it. With the increased popularity of the jig worm, manufacturers have created a jig with a larger hook, usually a 1/0 or 2/0 hook. This... more

June 2012

Carp After Dark
by Dave Duwe
It was over twenty years ago when the Delavan Lake rehabilitation project occurred. The project was to reduce the phosphorous level in the lake, which grows the weeds and eliminate the rough fish population. It was a huge success making Delavan Lake one of the best fisheries in the state. Like all things, over time, things change. Once again Carp have arrived to the ecosystem, not in enormous ... more

May 2012

Tricks for Early Spring Panfish
by Dave Duwe
With the unseasonably warm March and cool April all attention has turned to hitting the lakes for some open water fishing. With gamefish season closed, my fish of choice is panfish. The opening day for gamefish in Wisconsin is the first Saturday in May. April and May is actually a great time to fish. The weather can be quite comfortable and the boat traffic is much less than in summer. ... more

March 2012

All Shore In Florida
by Dave Duwe
February brings our families annual trip to the Gulf coast of Florida. This year the trip was to Cape Coral, FL. We fly there, so I have to leave my boat at home, but I am a fisherman so if there is water, I have to find a way to fish. We figured out after the first year, that Florida has a lot of water, and Cape Coral is no exception. Ever since that first year we always bring our fishing gea... more

January 2012

Welcome Lake-Link Jamboree 2012
by Dave Duwe
Delavan Lake is one of the finest fisheries in Southeastern, Wisconsin. This awesome fishery is playing host to Lake-Link's 2012 Ice Fishing Jamboree. The lake is an hour from Milwaukee and one and a half hours from Chicago. Delavan Lake is roughly 2100 acres with a maximum depth of 52 feet. The lake has many different fishing opportunities, whether it's deep water yellow perch or weedline wal... more

December 2011

10 Easy Steps To Get Started In Ice Fishing
by Dave Duwe
Your boat is parked in the garage, the fluids for the motor are drained, and the trolling batteries are stowed away. The line still strung on that new reel you got for Father's Day is memorizing every coil it now has in it. But those are no reasons to let the dull days of winter get you down. Try ice fishing. It's easy, relatively inexpensive and fun. Anybody can do it. Even you! Here are m... more

November 2011

The Hot Fall Walleye Bite
by Dave Duwe
As the end of open water fishing nears, the late fall bite becomes hot. If you can handle the cold, the fishing is some of the best of the year. During the late fall months, I enjoy walleye fishing. Most of the summer is spent fishing largemouth bass or northern pike, usually with clients it is a live bait bite. In fall the best presentation is a crank bait. Whether it's casted or trolled, su... more

September 2011

A Good Dog
by Dave Duwe
The saddest day of a hunter's life is the day your favorite hunting dog can't do it anymore. All of the memories of the hunts in the past are the all that's left. My dog, Lindy, has reached the age where the time has come to retire. Like any old yellow lab, there is a bit of arthritis and a bit of excess weight from one too many treats from my wife. A busy day for Lindy is a walk in the yard a... more

July 2011

Sore Arms and a Lot of Salmon
by Dave Duwe
When your fishing buddy calls and tells you to drop everything because the fish are snapping, you do what you need to do. That may mean playing hooky from work or telling your wife that your off to buy milk... see ya in 6 hours! Last week I received such a call, from my friend Pat Kalmerton, co-owner of Wolf Pack Adventures. In summer, Pat charters Salmon on Lake Michigan out of Sheboygan, WI. ... more

May 2011

Unpredictable Mother Nature
by Dave Duwe
Every fisherman has taken a long awaited fishing trip. I had such a trip planned to go to Lake Erie this past week. After months of discussion, setting the date, getting the details worked out, including getting my wife to agree that it was okay for me to leave on Easter Sunday; all the great plans came together. Except one. Mother Nature was not on board with the plan. Anyone who has ever... more

April 2011

Early Spring Panfish
by Dave Duwe
The warming spring sun draws to a conclusion another long winter. In early spring (March & April) there is a period between ice fishing and the start of Wisconsin's game fish season. Game fishing season opens the first weekend in May. But this early spring period also has something to offer, the warm spring sun makes the winter blues melt away and the panfishing can be tremendous. This ... more

March 2011

Let It Do
by Dave Duwe
In life there are moments that are very enlightening experiences that at the time don't necessarily seem all that significant. I had one of those experiences in my recent trip to Florida with my family. We were vacationing in the Tampa Bay area. The purpose of the trip was sun and fun (along with a lot of fishing). We had beautiful weather, mid 70's and we also caught a lot of fish, including ... more

February 2011

The Ice Fishing "Blahs"
by Dave Duwe
When ice fishing slows around February, I get hit by what some call "cabin fever." I prefer to call it the ice fishing "blahs." The "blahs" happen when you start getting sick of ice fishing and can't wait for open water fishing. When that feeling hits, I can't help but dream about getting the boat in the water and setting out, but for me that's at least a month away. To make the time pass fast... more

December 2010

The First Ice Top Five
by Dave Duwe
Here are the "Top 5" to make your fishing trip on first ice successful. (1) Know your lake! You want to choose a shallow lake, which freezes first. In Southeastern Wisconsin, my first ice choices are; Monona Bay, Madison, Whitewater Lake, Whitewater, and Lake Como, Lake Geneva. The first two lakes have an abundance of Bluegills with an occasional Northern Pike and my third choice Lake Como... more

November 2010

Bonding On Bone Lake (again)
by Dave Duwe
The full moon in October has come and gone and as I wrote last month, I was fishing in Polk County for full moon muskies. As a rule, the full moon in October is the best time to caught muskies! We settled on Bone Lake, which has been a favorite selection for several years. Although the lake sometimes varies, the annual trip itself has been taking place for close to 20 years; I've only missed th... more

October 2010

Full Moon Muskies
by Dave Duwe
I have been an avid musky fisherman for years. Due to my family, business and guiding commitments I don't have the time to fish them as often as I did in my younger years. Now, muskies are like an old friend that I visit once a year. Every year I make it a point to clear my calendar for one musky trip of the year. To put the odds in my favor I always choose the full moon period in October. I ... more

September 2010

Schooling Yellow Perch
by Dave Duwe
After Labor Day in Wisconsin, the kids migrate back to school. At this same time the yellow perch are also migrating from the main lake basin to the shallows. Perch will travel in schools throughout the day. Once you locate the schools they can be caught extremely fast. They feed by sight so the daylight hours are the best time to catch them. Unlike most fish, perch are not affected by the ... more

August 2010

A Hot Technique for the Hot Weather
by Dave Duwe
During the heat of August, you may hear the term, the "dog days" of summer. However, I believe it should really be called the frog days of summer. Late summer is the best time to fish Largemouth bass on plastic frogs. Avid bass anglers have known about frog fishing for years. There are two types of frogs. There is the old type, like Snag-Proof or Spro Bronzeye and these are the top choi... more

July 2010

Dialing In Down Deep
by Dave Duwe
When the dog days of summer get here, the fishing seems to get tough. But it doesn't have to be, if you know the right tips and tricks to dial them in when they're down deep. As the spawning ends and the water gets warm, most fish will head to the depths for safety, food and "comfort" away from the heat. If you want to find them, you need the right techniques to bring the big fish into your boat.... more

June 2010

What’s in your tackle box?
by Dave Duwe
No, it shouldn't include a credit card; keep that in your wallet. This question came up recently when a regular customer of mine, we'll call him Al, asked me why everyone has so much tackle, and I use so very little. He thought it would be a good idea for an article, so here goes. During the course of this article, I will certainly be mentioning some products that are made by companies that spo... more

May 2010

Invasive Species Regulation, Chapter NR40
by Dave Duwe
With the opening of the Wisconsin Fishing Season, anglers should be aware that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has implemented new rules and regulations associated with invasive species. Invasive species, both aquatic and terrestrial, create many problems in Wisconsin. They change natural ecosystems, displace native species, reduce outdoor recreation opportunities and cost millio... more

April 2010

Tips and Tricks from a Fishing Guide
by Dave Duwe
There are tricks that can make a fishing guide seem like a better angler than the average fisherman. There are a range of skill levels in fishing, from a guy who fishes National Tour Events to the guy that ties an overhand knot to attach a hook to his line. I would rate myself somewhere in between, maybe slightly above average. Not like some of my friends who can catch fish out of a bathtub. ... more

March 2010

Late Ice Crappies
by Dave Duwe
The warmer weather of March means the end of another long Wisconsin winter. The ice is becoming soft and can be dangerous, so always use caution. The end of the ice fishing season does offer one big benefit; some of the best crappie fishing of the year. The last ice period in late winter, I believe is better fishing than the first ice period. The fish are bigger preparing for their spring spaw... more

January 2010

Hole Hopping
by Dave Duwe
How can I catch more fish? This question has haunted some ice fishermen for years. The answer is really very simple, hole hopping. Hole hopping is aggressively moving from ice fishing hole to hole searching for the active, feeding fish. My favorite fish to ice fish for are bluegills. In most lakes, they tend to stay in shallow weeds (4-8 ft of water). The shallow water has everything that ... more

December 2009

Ice Fishing for Keepers
by Dave Duwe
For many years, my father and I were plagued with catching only 5 to 6 inch bluegills while ice fishing in the shallow weed flats. My how things have changed, with Vexilars and other fish locators, 5-6 inch bluegills are a thing of the past. The ability to see underneath the ice opened up the deep water structure on many local lakes. With fish locators, ice fishermen can now work the deep wate... more

October 2009

Fall Bluegills, good enough to eat!
by Dave Duwe
After a long season of guiding, running to flag football games and my daughters dance classes; I can now find the time to take my son fishing. When I take my son and friends out fishing I can remember how relaxing and fun fishing is. The fishing I enjoy most this time of year is bluegill fishing. They are abundant and seem to be always biting. My son judges the success of the trip on how many ... more

September 2009

Down Deep, I Truly Like Smallmouth
by Dave Duwe
In late summer and early fall, smallmouth bass will school up in the deep reaches of a lake. Most of the time, this phenomenon happens on lakes that have a thermocline. A thermocline is the separation in a lake between the warm surface water and the colder water near the bottom. This happens because the warmer surface water is lighter than the cooler water down deep. It makes the lake stratifi... more

July 2009

Family Fishing Fun
by Dave Duwe
"That is a German Brown Trout" I told my son Nathan when he caught a 12 lb carp. I have never seen him more proud. The tourists walking by the dock were very impressed. They asked Nathan what kind of fish it was and he explained it was a German Brown Trout, I started to laugh and the tourist looked mad. I had to tell everyone, including my son, it was actually a carp. Of course, being 6 y... more

May 2009

Stick Time
by Dave Duwe
Late spring and Early Summer is the best time to try Stick baits for Largemouth Bass. How can something that has no action catch fish? These round plastic baits are tapered like a straight banana. I'm talking about Senkos, Yum Dingers, or All- Terrain Sticks. There's just not a lot to them but, to fish, they seem to hold some appeal. Everything about fishing the bait is simple. What coul... more

April 2009

It's A Small World
by Dave Duwe
From the frozen river to a Florida reef, what a difference a week can make. On February 16th, FLW Touring Pro Brad Davis and I hit the Wisconsin River near the Wisconsin Dells. We literally "hit" the river, there were ice flows, a lot of ice flows, as the river had only been open for a couple of days when we arrived. When I left my house that day, the thermometer read 6 degrees, which I had tho... more

March 2009

Crappies After Dark
by Dave Duwe
Night time is the right time. As the end of the ice fishing season draws near, some of the best night time crappie action can be had. The warmer spring nights makes early March ice fishing some of the most comfortable of the year. For late ice night fishing, I prefer fishing for the suspended crappies. I work 20-35 ft of water in the main lake basin. Focus on the locations where the basin ... more

January 2009

Ice Fishing for Keepers
by Dave Duwe
For many years, my father and I were plagued with catching only 5 to 6 inch bluegills while ice fishing in the shallow weed flats. My how things have changed, with Vexilars and other fish locators, 5-6 inch bluegills are a thing of the past. The ability to see underneath the ice opened up the deep water structure on many local lakes. With fish locators, ice fishermen can now work the deep wate... more

November 2008

Pre-Ice Perch
by Dave Duwe
With the cold November winds causing the Southeastern Wisconsin lakes to turnover, the fish will go on a fall feeding frenzy. It isn't only the game fish that bite better; panfish will also put on the feed bag. My quarry in latefall is always the yellow perch; they are fun to catch and at the same time provide tasty table fare. The perch begin to school up in late September through the winte... more

September 2008

Let's Suspend Summer
by Dave Duwe
As summer ends and fall begins panfish start to suspend in the main lake basin or adjacent to the deep weed lines. The easiest and most plentiful panfish to catch are the bluegill and crappie. As a rule, the bluegills will suspend in some of the deepest parts of the lake. On Delavan Lake, in SE Wisconsin, it seems that 40-42 ft of water is the magic number. The bluegills will suspend 10-15... more

July 2008

Teach A Man To Fish
by Dave Duwe
Catch a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Being a fishing guide, I take everyone fishing; from pros to first timers. The most important thing about taking anyone fishing is to understand their expectations. What exactly do they want to accomplish, is it to catch a meal or is it to land their first Northern Pike. Keeping it simple is often the ... more

May 2008

Bulls on the Beds
by Dave Duwe
Early summer is one of my favorite times of year; the end of snow, flowers blooming and most importantly, bluegills on their beds. The bigger bluegills are in some circles called "Bulls." They are big and fight like a fish 4-5 times their size. Bluegills will spawn in mid-May through June. They prefer to spawn when the water temperature reaches 70 degrees. The best locations are had sandy bot... more

April 2008

The Run is On!
by Dave Duwe
With the game fish season closed until the first weekend of May, some of the best walleye fishing of the year can be had in most of the major river systems. Walleyes are pulling out of the lakes and impoundments to the spawning flats in the rivers. It is called the "Walleye Run" and it is on! April is one of the best months to catch the active fish. I like the Fox River in DePere, WI an... more

February 2008

Post Football Pike
by Dave Duwe
As football season comes to a conclusion with the big game. It's time to turn your attention to ice fishing. Being the father of a young son, the easiest kind of fishing for a 5 year old is tip up fishing. Living and fishing in Southeastern Wisconsin, the most consistent tip up bite is for Northern Pike. I choose to fish lakes with a large pike population, like Lake Como, Lake Geneva or Delava... more

November 2007

Musky Hunting
by Dave Duwe
As the end of the open water season approaches, it's time for one more trip to catch a trophy musky. In the late fall I prefer the one-two punch of a jig and a sucker fished on a quick strike rig. To start a trophy hunt one of the most important, if not the most important part, is selecting a lake that has a bunch of fish. I prefer deep lakes with points associated with weed flats. My favor... more

October 2007

Cool Water Crappies
by Dave Duwe
October is Crappie time. As the days get shorter and the nights are cool it signals the time that black Crappies once again start to school. And they are hungry, very hungry. Other than the spring spawn this is the best time of year to catch a bunch of fat and feisty crappies. On the lakes I fish most, like Delavan Lake or Lake Geneva in Walworth County, WI, the fish will suspend over open... more

September 2007

A learning experience on Green Bay
by Dave Duwe
As summer winds down and Wisconsinites think of Green Bay, they are usually referring to the Packers. True Fishermen however, think trolling the bay for Walleyes. Every fall the walleyes again make their migration south from their northern haunts to areas by the mouth of the Fox River. Locations such as Geanos reef, 2 mile reef and the shipping canal. A recent fishing trip to the Bay with P... more

August 2007

Late Summer Break line Bass and Walleyes
by Dave Duwe
When the hot summer days entrench southeastern Wisconsin, I switch to my favorite presentation: the Lindy rig. The Lindy rig is otherwise known as "rigging". This method is one of the most effective ways to present live bait in deep water. Similar to buying a home, the key is location, location, location. All break lines are not created equal. In the dog days of summer I look for hard bo... more

June 2007

Deepwater Bluegills
by Dave Duwe
Maybe some of you can relate to this childhood memory. My dad and I always went fishing for bluegills in the spring in the shallow bays. We had a great time. As summer grew, we continued to fish those shallow bays and I always wondered what happened to the fish. The big bluegills became 3-4 inches by the middle of summer and we just thought the big fish weren't biting. I guess we weren't too ... more

May 2007

Let the fishing season begin: Walworth County Lakes
by Dave Duwe
Walworth County in Southeastern Wisconsin is blessed with many great fishing lakes. The county has one of the deepest lakes in the state in Lake Geneva and one of the busiest lakes in the state in Delavan Lake. Lake Geneva is the biggest and deepest lake in Walworth County. Being the deepest lake it does have its disadvantages, especially in early May. The water is still really cold and the... more

April 2007

Jig Like A Pro
by Dave Duwe
Let's get jiggy with it!! Springtime has finally come. Now is the time to get the boat out and catch the spawning river walleyes. Jig fishing has always been my favorite presentation and the most effective. Last spring I was invited to go jig fishing with Team Skeeter/Yamaha Pro Brad Davis of Jackson, WI. The April day was cold with strong east winds. We were fishing in Oshkosh, WI on th... more

October 2006

Fall Time is Spinnerbait time
by Dave Duwe
As the water cools from the summertime highs the Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Musky again move back to the shallow weed flats. In the fall the fish are aggressively feeding before winter sets in. The best presentation to catch them is the tried and true spinnerbait. The best thing about a spinnerbait is the many different presentations available. From slow rolling them in deep water to t... more

September 2006

Get the Point, for Fall Smallmouth
by Dave Duwe
Just because it's after Labor Day, that doesn't mean that it's the end of the fishing season. My best months for smallmouth bass are September and October. The shorter days and cooler nights bring the suspended main lake smallmouth bass back to their rocky haunts. This time of year I prefer points; main lake rocky points. The lake I fish most of the year is Lake Geneva in SE Wisconsin. Lake G... more

August 2006

Rigging for Late Summer Northern Pike
by Dave Duwe
When the heat of the summer comes the Northern Pike action also heats up. Northern Pike prefer cool water to make their home, which makes them very predictable in the hot summer months. Big Pike will either be on the thermocline if the lake has one or on the deep weed line where they can attack their prey. The two lakes I fish most are Delavan Lake and Lake Geneva and each have a different patt... more

June 2006

The Ultimate Bait
by Dave Duwe
The average angler has probably $2000-$5000 worth of fishing tackle. Is all that tackle worth the money? I think not. I have been fishing for over 35 years and guiding for 13 years, trust me I have more than my fair share of tackle and equipment, but I would have to say that out of all the tackle I have, the best bait is the tried and true nightcrawler! Those very easy to come by bait - for an... more

May 2006

Fishing with Confidence
by Dave Duwe
You're never too good or too experienced to learn something new. Recently, I was asked to pre-fish for a FLW Walleye Tour Tournament on the Detroit River with Brad Davis, a touring pro from Jackson, WI. Brad Davis has been fishing the tournament trail for many years, I was fortunate enough to meet him through a mutual friend, Jack Mudgett, owner of Action Marine in Slades Corner, WI. Davis is ... more

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