Jeff Zinuticz's Articles

July 2006

Small boat tactics For big trout and salmon
by Jeff Zinuticz
With salmon catches reaching all time highs on Lake Michigan more and more anglers are flocking to the nearest boat ramp all along the Lake Michigan coast. Fisherman from Sheboygan south to Kenosha have been out in full pursuit, targeting the elusive and feisty Coho and Chinook Salmon that roam the vast expanses of Lake Michigan, in hopes that one just might crush their spoon or dodger/fly like a ... more

April 2006

Why I Fish
by Jeff Zinuticz
I can remember what seems like a million years ago for this young man, drifting in a 16-foot aluminum somewhere in the middle of Green bay off of Oconto, WI , fishing for perch with my father, pondering to myself why I was out there, and wishing I was doing something more exciting back on dry land. Most importantly I wondered why my father was in complete bliss, and honestly enjoying and savoring ... more

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