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June 2005

Playing Keep-Away with Muskies!
by Todd Berg
One of the great parts about fishing is that you always learn something new- or at least you should. Over the years, the data that you accumulate should make you a better fisherman or fisherwoman… or "fisher kid"- on each and every outing. Empirical knowledge adds to your arsenal and one day, you hope you find yourself being referred to as a "hot stick" on one or several bodies of water or with ... more

August 2003

When Far and Fine meet Big & Mighty!
by Todd Berg
When the surface temperatures on a Midwest lake reach the mid to high 60's, I know it's time to break out the long sticks and hit 'em where they live. Many times, one of the best and most consistently overlooked presentation options on pressured waters is to take the "far and fine" approach (a phrase applied to fly-fishing for trout many years ago) and gently lay minnow, crayfish, leech and bug p... more

May 2003

Give yourself an edge with Conditioned Crawlers
by Todd Berg
You've used them for years and you know the routine: Go to the bait shop, get 2 or 3 dozen Night crawlers pre-packaged in a Styrofoam cup, drive to the lake, impale them on a hook and cast 'em out under a bobber. Sometimes they work- sometimes they don't. Just another bait selection, right? If this scenario sounds too familiar to you, it's time to exercise your options and get serious about you... more

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