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March 2003

Ice Fishing tips - Two that will prepare you for success!
by On Ice Tour Pro Staff
Tip # 1 Be prepared to Ice Fish You can probably apply the old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" to just about anything. When it pertains to ice fishing, it could be worth numerous pounds, of fish that is. One of the most neglected areas of preparation is around the hole itself. Most fish that are lost, including those "trophies of a lifetime", escape back down the h... more
Smile, You're Pouting!
by On Ice Tour Pro Staff
By CHIP LEER, On-Ice Tour, WALKER, Minn. As fish species go, one will always stand apart in the northland. It challenges anxious anglers with its ability to play hide and seek. Its lean, mean physique gives it the strength to break your heart when it breaks your line with a sudden but determined surge toward the depths of a northern lake. It rewards successful anglers at the dinner table, and i... more

February 2003

by On Ice Tour Pro Staff
Give an angler the best equipment available today, and you've got an angler with the means to catch a lot of fish. Give that same angler the knowledge and creativity to get the most out of those tools in a variety of situations, and you've got an angler who is always the envy of everyone else on the ice. Once upon a time, hard-water structure fishing was a trial-and-error adventure that consiste... more
Hot Cure for the Curious Crappie Fever
by On Ice Tour Pro Staff
We outdoors types are fond of big things. We like big trucks and boats. Our boots are big and many of us hunt for big animals. When it comes to fishing, well, bigger is also usually better: Musky, pike and largemouth? They're all pretty big, or can be. Which is why it's so interesting that winter crappie fishing is such a phenomenon. Big they're not. Crappie average ten inches and usually weigh l... more

January 2003

Kidding Around With Perch
by On Ice Tour Pro Staff
Catching Perch through the ice can sometimes be like taking candy from a baby. Cut a dozen holes, drop an underwater camera down, find a school of perch, drop a minnow or a lure down, watch the lines come together on the Vexilar, feel the bite, reel 'em in - one after the other. Suckerrrrrrs (unintelligent perch, that is). At other times, you do everything the same as above just to watch the ... more

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