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September 2004

Top Water Fishing
by Roger Brown
Get ready for some "Top Water" action... First we'll tie on that favorite artificial (top water) bait, next, we'll make a cast into that great looking spot, and then as soon as the bait hits the water we'll make that first little twitch with the bait, and after that, what usually happens is wham!!! A bass comes over and nails it. Now, seeing this happen, especially with your heart pumping and the... more

October 2002

A Wish Come True!
by Roger Brown
---> A few weeks ago in the late afternoon while I was re-spooling one of my fishing reels my wife had yelled down to me in the cellar and said that I had a phone call. Right in the middle of my winding I had asked her who was on the phone to which she responded, “I think you’d better get this call." So I stopped what I was doing and picked up the phone and said hello. The voice on the other e... more

June 2002

A Second Cast
by Roger Brown
The article you’re about to read is true, the names are changed to protect the embarrassed (especially the victim within this article.) In the early Spring of last year (2001) towards the end of the month of March, I received a phone call from a prospective student who was inquiring about my 3-Day “On-Water" Bass Fishing School. For now, we will just call him John Doe, anyway in our conversa... more

August 2001

Bass Fishing is NOT! Just a Guy’s Thing Anymore
by Roger Brown
Well, finally after all the years of enjoying the sport of bass fishing I have noticed that more and more women (and girls) are taking a considerable liking to this wonderful sport. In fact, in the last five years during the operation of my 3-day "On-Water" Bass Fishing School and Bass Fishing Charter Service located here on Lake Champlain and Lake George, NY, I have had a tremendous increase of w... more

May 2001

Jigging Spoons
by Roger Brown
Carolina Rig, Tubes, etc. you will Through out the past several years while fishing with co-anglers, charter clients, and some of my bass fishing school students, I have noticed that most of the fisherman and women don’t carry jigging spoons in their boxes, in fact when I ask them if they’ve ever used one they usually reply that they have never used one or they wouldn’t know the first thing about ... more

October 2000

Unique Products That Really Work!
by Roger Brown
Throughout many years of bass fishing I have seen so many different products that have been introduced to the bassin’ industry that I lost count years ago. Some products have been exceptional, some good, some just okay, and some not so good, and with the industry being in the multi-billion dollar bracket there are literally thousands of products on today’s market, and out of these "thousands of pr... more

May 2000

Understanding Bass (Part 2)
by Roger Brown
In my last article "Understanding Bass Part-1" I covered a bit of information about a few of the "key factors" that an angler should really know about the bass when it comes to becoming a more successful angler such as: Food, Oxygen, and Cover. which a bass needs to survive, as well as water temperatures and how it effects bass, along with a few others to help you increase your knowledge in the... more

April 2000

Understanding Bass (Part 1)
by Roger Brown
Bass fishing is a sport like many others that when it comes to knowledge and the understanding of the opponent it allows one to become more successful. You may look at it kind of like deer hunting, the more the hunter understands the scrapes, trails, food areas, water areas, runs, and habitats of the deer the more successful the hunter will become at locating them. The same is true with Bass fishi... more

March 2000

Bass Tournament "Shortcuts"
by Roger Brown
Have you ever noticed whether it be Club Tournaments, Divisional Tournaments (B.A.S.S. Federation, Red Man, Anglers Choice, etc.) and even the Pro Tournaments, usually you will see a hand full of the same anglers consistently "In-The-Money" most of the time. Then while you’re There are several "Tricks-Of-The-Trade" or "Shortcuts" you can use to give you the edge you need to eliminate a ... more

February 2000

Why Bass Fishing?
by Roger Brown
Everyday it seems that more and more of the general public (men, women, boys, and girls) are starting to take notice that there may be just a bit more to bass fishing that meets the eye than just the Sunday morning bass fishing shows they see on TV. Why is this so? They see bass fishing in regular TV commercials (I'm sure that you have seen the commercial where 3 men are in a boat, fishing with ar... more

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