Scott Bonnema's Articles

June 2003

Applying the K.I.S.S. Program to BASS
by Scott Bonnema
Its roots are in business. The acronym "K.I.S.S." stands for "keep it simple, stupid." It was intended as a rallying call for corporations to maintain simplicity in the face of futurism. Why? Because consumers demanded both modernism and ease of use. The same premise likewise applies to fishing. Each season brings a host of new gadgets and doohickeys. Some are complex, others elementary. Some w... more

May 2003

Bassing from Above
by Scott Bonnema
Glassing and stalking prey from over top can be acutely effective. Picture a redtail hawk, a barred owl at night, pitched atop a highline and transfixed on a rodent below. With shoulders squared and wings ready to unfold, the prodigious raptor stoops and dives. There's no struggle but only a rustle in the brush as the avian predator clutches and mounts with a meal. In a way, ice anglers do it t... more

November 2002

None too Big
by Scott Bonnema
It impacted the water with more of a detonation than a splash. Once the mushroom cloud settled, I began cranking. The lure’s mass constricted the line like a tightrope. The pole bowed. No black bass could consume such a mammoth bait… The lure’s blades flashed brilliantly and pounded like timpani. The retrieve continued; I was halfway in. Confidence was waning, though. It must be too large. But ... more

October 2002

The Serpent Solution
by Scott Bonnema
A snake charmer removes the lid from vase-shaped wicker basket. Sitting cross-legged, he presses his lips to a wooden flute and plays an evocative tune. The woven container stirs. Soon, the flared hood of a king cobra appears. Arched and mesmerized, the beast climbs as its tongue flicks, sensing the air. The haunting string of notes seems to captivate and control the asp, but onlookers wisely keep... more

September 2002

Football Season is Already Underway
by Scott Bonnema
Soon, the grassy fields will be clipped to precision and white lines painted in. On Friday nights, overhead lights will illuminate the gridiron, players, and cheerleaders. Gotta love those varsity football games… Pigskin season still carries significance for me today, but not in a traditional sense. Nowadays, my footballs are tossed to largemouth bass, not wide-outs or tight ends. The ball’s no... more

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