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December 2003

Which hand do you use?
by Rick Madeja
Now before you think that I have gone mad or that you have entered the wrong web site please read on! I am right handed! In fact if I even tried to write my name with my left hand there is no telling what it would say, that is why I use only left hand crank reels, if this makes no sense to you please let me explain! Almost thirty years ago when I was first learning to use level wind bait cas... more

November 2003

Erie not just a "Great Lake" but great fishing!
by Rick Madeja
If you open any magazine dedicated to fishing you are sure to find an article about the great walleye fishing that Lake Erie has to offer! This lake is one of the greatest ecological success stories of all time! Quoting the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, "By the late 1960's Lake Erie had been declared ecologically dead!" It is amazing that this lake could be turn... more

September 2002

Reminding an Old Dog of Some Old Tricks!
by Rick Madeja
I remember my father teaching me to fish many years ago. "Cast over there, That is where the big ones like to hide"! "Don't reel against your drag, It will twist your line!" I remember Dad saying these things like it was only yesterday. My father told me back then that teaching me to fish had made him a better fisherman, and I did not know what he meant until I started to teach my children to fis... more

August 2002

Wacky Shot?
Sure it's a funny name but You will like the results!

by Rick Madeja
This month I would like to share a technique that has worked well for me. I am sure someone else has also had this idea, but I have yet to see anyone else use it. This is really a hybrid of two of the best techniques that have come along in a long time. This combines the use of a drop shot rig with wacky rigged soft plastic baits. Both of these are great when used alone but when they are combi... more

July 2002

Water, Water, and More Water!
by Rick Madeja
I am sure it would come as no surprise to anyone that is a frequent visitor to Lake-Link.com that there would be an article here about water. But this article is not about the Tannic stained waters of the Wisconsin River, the crystal clear waters of Lake Geneva or the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. This article is about the water we drink to keep our bodies healthy! According to the Am... more

June 2002

Fishing in Chicago? You Might be Suprised! Part II
by Rick Madeja
I enjoy getting E-mail about the articles I write, I read them all and I try to answer as many as I can! If you have any questions or a comment please let me know! As I write this I am AMAZED at all of the good fishing that the CHICAGO LAND area has to offer, just drive down any of the highways that cross our area and you will see countless small lakes and borrow pits that were left when our hi... more

May 2002

Fishing in Chicago? You might be surprised!
by Rick Madeja
When I set out to write this article it became apparent that it would have to be published in two parts. There is just so much good fishing in the Chicago area that I could not cover it all in one article. If you are planning a trip to Chicago please E-Mail me and I would be happy to help you plan a day of fishing. What do you think of when you think of Chicago? Do you think of Al Capone, tall ... more

April 2002

Take a Kid Fishing Before It's Too Late
by Rick Madeja
I can remember my Dad teaching me to fish and hunt many years ago. He said that those were some of the best days of his life. I really did not know what he meant until I got older and had a family of my own. Seeing your own child catch his or her first fish gives you a feeling that you will never forget. I have had some great fun fishing with my friends before my children were born or old enou... more

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