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February 2008

Spring Perch Bite on Little Bay de Noc
by Captain Marty Papke
Plain and simple: nothing beats a bucket full of spring caught Perch from the Great Lakes! Over the past several years we have been seeing some great catches of Yellow Perch. Here are some methods, areas, and some little tricks to catching a "tasty" meal! The Spawn Ice-out starts triggering perch to spawning areas. When water temps reach in the mid 40's, the spawn begins and Perch begin to de... more

April 2005

Spring time Splake Fishing!
by Captain Marty Papke
It's a few weeks away but won't be long and open water will greet us. The Great Lakes can provide some early season "Splake!" fishing. What's a Splake, a hybrid cross of a Lake Trout and Brook Trout. This species with it's characteristics is unique indeed. Summertime found in deep waters and springtime found shallow making it a sure target for the shallow water angler working the Lake Michig... more

December 2004

Northern Wisconsin Ice Fishing Angler's Get Ready!
by Captain Marty Papke
There comes a time of the year when it's time to put away the boat and soon tackle a new adventure. Ice angling is and can be a very productive time for fishing and more and more every year angler's are becoming all season anglers! Many inland lakes of northern Wisconsin offer some great "early-ice" walleye's along with some great pan fishing and northern pike action. Let's look at a typic... more
Rainbow Flowage Early Ice Walleye's
by Captain Marty Papke
No doubt about when those nightly temps start dropping below the freezing mark in middle to late November Ice Anglers start getting that "itch" to catch some early Ice Eye's! The Rainbow Flowage located in Oneida County in between Lake Tomahawk/Minocqua and Rhinelander, Wisconsin. A little over 2000 acres of stained waters (due to the Wisconsin River's entrance from the north) this chunk of wat... more

September 2004

Late Summer Walleye's on Little Bay de Noc!
by Captain Marty Papke
Catching walleye is a full time business for us, although the "fishing" is always a bunch of fun sometimes the "catching" can be a challenge! Let's examine a method of jigging that tends to produce some fish for us all through the year. "Snap-jigging" is nothing new to the walleye fisherman out there but as many fishing techniques are always introduced and talked about we all are guilty of not a... more

July 2004

Crankin' Night Eyes
by Captain Marty Papke
It's after the supper hour and you finish your meal, don't become a couch potato, as some of the most active fishing of the day will soon commence. Night-time walleye fishing is coming on strong. In many areas throughout the Midwest there are lakes that receive heavy fishing pressure. The waters we fish of both Little and Big Bay de Noc are excellent fisheries and combining a one-two punch of both... more

April 2004

Shoreline Brown Trout!
by Captain Marty Papke
It's not far away. Longer, sunny, warming days start that the ice melting. The ice flows are still bobbing and soon a movement of Brown Trout on an adventure seeking food to satisfy their big appetite after a winter of being in a transitional stage. Let's examine areas and foods along with techniques and bait choices that all early season fishermen can stretch their fishing lines and cure tho... more

August 2003

Walleye Feeding Frenzies!
by Captain Marty Papke
Summertime and walleyes go hand in hand with hot conditions and warming waters. Walleyes like all game fish don't like to expend too much energy cruising for food or chasing it down. They would rather hold in areas with high concentrations of food sources and then gorge themselves when the opportunity arises. The ends of large flats, main lake points and offshore humps are always good binge f... more

April 2003

Spring Time "Boards and Brown Trout" Action!
by Captain Marty Papke
Sunny skies greeted us this morning and calm seas were being watched as the last of the coffee was dispersed to "Bordering the Wisconsin and Michigan waters is a tremendous fishery; in fact it's been said this region could be one of the most aggressive Brown Trout fisheries in the state." our anxious group. Springtime sounds were all around, Blackbirds, some geese in t... more

January 2003

Fish Fast, Fish Comfortable then Fish FRABILL (and Walleye's)!
by Captain Marty Papke
Ice fishing season is upon us and though there are days when fishing outside on the frozen surface of any of our Midwestern lakes maybe comfortable there are the days when it's nice to be content in a portable ice shelter that does these things. As a guide, Charter Captain and "teacher" of fishing it's my job to get my clients on fish fast and enjoy their day. Frabill's, does just that making... more

October 2002

Cranking and Pausing For Fall Walleye!
by Captain Marty Papke
Fifteen feet of water and less, "crank and pause" a simple method that can take lot's of fall-time walleyes whether on Little Bay de Noc or any waters in this Midwest! Not being crank bait specific our choices most often are the Frenzy Baits. Lipped crank baits with varied diving lips and I'd choose several to cover different depths of water covering close this fifteen feet of water and less we a... more

August 2002

The "Hot Summer August Eye's" of Bay's De Noc!
by Captain Marty Papke
It's what we've been waiting for those hot, lazy, crazy days of August and then someone says it's too "hot" to catch any walleye! The excuses start: too hot, too calm, too much humidity, too many fish (walleye's) and not enough days to fish them! If your looking for a time of the year when the temperatures are hot and the fish are biting, it's those so-called "dog-days" of August. There's always... more

June 2002

BASSIN’ Action on the Bay’s de Noc!
by Captain Marty Papke
Walleye's, walleye's and always walleye's, but what about the Smallmouth Bass fishing on the Bay's de Noc! When the great lakes are mentioned now-a-days it's getting to be known as a fishery of large proportion with species like lake trout, salmon, northern pike, walleye and smallmouth bass. Many people throughout the midwest are finding out that the Great Lakes waters of Lake Michigan support... more

March 2002

Spring Brown Trout Action!
by Captain Marty Papke
With some of the most abundant waters throughout the Midwest we have some pretty big ponds, Lake Michigan is one of them! As the tell tale remnants of winter pass and longer, warming days bring a time when the Great Lakes awaken to the activity of feeding fish! April usually sets this time-capsule into full swing and after a long winter's nap, Brown trout without a question just like northern... more

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