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October 2003

Fall Muskie Madness
by Steve Huber
I HATE fall. I really do, there's sooo many things that I want to be doing, so many that I just can't get to them all. The really bad part about it is that some of them, I can't avoid (like storm windows and leaf raking). There's bow hunting for deer, grouse hunting, duck hunting, rifle hunting for deer, the walleyes are schooling up, the smallmouth bass are just begging to fight and worst of a... more

April 2002

%*&@^$ Baitcasters!!
by Steve Huber
OK, you've been fishing for a while now, happy with your spincasting reels and the spinning reels that you've been using lately, but with the long, lousy winter just about over, you're itching to go fishing. So, you've been just about going through withdrawals, traveling to sport shows, talking to guides, tournament pro anglers and idly spinning all the shiny new reels that are at the displa... more

March 2002

It's Time....
by Steve Huber
Well, here it is, March already! You do realize that the winter's almost gone and you'll be fishing pretty soon, don't you? Well, trust me, you will! And let me guess, even though you promised yourself that "this year is gonna be different", you still haven't touched your fishing tackle from way last fall, the last time you used it. As a matter of fact, I'll bet that it's still sitting in th... more

February 2002

So You Want A New Boat
by Steve Huber
So, you're bored out of your skull, waiting for spring to come, ice conditions are lousy and sitting on a bucket, staring into a hole in the ice isn't your cup of tea anyway. What are you going to do? If you're like me, you're dreaming of warmer weather, open water and CASTING for fish. My casting thumb is getting itchy and my casting arm is twitching. With current low interest rates, a sl... more

January 2002

So You Wanna Be A Guide...
by Steve Huber
Ahh, the life of a fishing guide, what a piece of cake, go fishing and get paid for it. What could possibly be better? Well, I'm going into my ninth season and let me tell you right now, there's more to it than you'd think. Don't get me wrong, I dearly love my time on the water with clients, but there are times.... I know that some of you out there have been thinking, I've got a boat, I've... more

December 2001

Winter Safety, What You Don't Know Can Kill YOU!
by Steve Huber
As I'm sitting here, in Rhinelander, writing this article, the snow is falling and I'm thinking about icefishing and snowmobiling. The only problem is that while we do have snow now, there's not a bit of ice formed on any lake yet. Heck, there's not a bit of frost in the ground and the swamps are wide open as well. You're probably wondering, "where in the heck is this rambling going to?" Wel... more

November 2001

Hot Fishing, Frozen Kid
by Steve Huber
A short while ago, my phone rang. Since I have two teenage daughters still living at home, that wasn't unusual. Hearing my wife answer the phone and say, "I'm sorry, Steve is still married," meant only one thing. Darin Novak was on the other end of the line and he opened the conversation with his standard line, "Is Steve available?" Chuckling, Janet handed the phone to me and said "Guess who... more

October 2001

On the road again...
by Steve Huber
If it seems like I'm never home, you're probably right, at least my wife would probably agree with you. Earlier this year, my son graduated from high school and when asked what he wanted for a graduation gift, his reply was "contact lenses and a fishing trip with you." Well, how could I turn down a request like that? I looked over the different lodges, resorts and guides that Lake-Link has to... more

September 2001

Lines, Lines, Everywhere is Lines....
by Steve Huber
I've been watching the Outdoor Messages on Lake-Link and a couple other sites with interest lately. It seems that anytime there someone asks "What type of line should I use?", there are conflicting statements and opinions. So here is one guide's opinion on lines, based on years of experience. First of all, you MUST remember that your line is the only thing that connects you to the fish. When... more

August 2001

Too Short?
by Steve Huber
O.K., it's August now, you're sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee with the "Ol Spousal Unit" and wondering "What in the heck happened to the summer?" Like I said, it's August, the kids will be going back to school soon, that's evident by the sales flyers in the newspaper, advertising "Back to School" specials already. So, what does this have to do with fishing? EVERYTHING!!! ... more

July 2001

Now you've found em.....
by Steve Huber
Last month, I talked about finding muskies, giving you some simple ideas on getting into a muskie's home range. Click here to read last month's article. As I said before, finding them is the tough part. It's real simple, if you can't find muskies, you're going to have a bugger of a time catching them. So, with the simple, easy, "Steve Huber's Open Your Eyes and Look" method of muskie locating, i... more

June 2001

Toothy Critters Made Easy
by Steve Huber
Can you picture this? An early morning sun peeking through the trees, the sound of water gently burbling over rocks, the rhythmic flow of a fly rod as it weaves patterns in the air.......if you can, you won't be fishing with me! Come with me for the day, fire up the 175 horsepower Mercury outboard, blast off, cruise down the lake for a little while. Drop the trolling motor, grab a rod and sta... more

May 2001

Angling Etiquette: 101
by Steve Huber
This article is somewhat of a departure from my normal monthly ramblings. What I'd like to discuss is etiquette. Not what fork you use for the salad or what to do with the finger bowl, but trailering, boat launch and fishing etiquette. I fish quite a bit, some ten months (or more) each year. What I see every year, on the roads, on the lakes and at the landings is quite often nothing short of... more

April 2001

Spring Fling!!!
by Steve Huber
Hooray, even though Old Man Winter is still desperately hanging on here in northern Wisconsin, recently I saw signs that his grip was slipping. Even though people are still driving on local lakes, I was happily singing (all right, slightly off-key) along with the radio in my truck, the mighty ProCraft in tow. I was going fishing and I wasn't going to have to drill a single hole in ice. I'd ch... more

March 2001

Once Upon a Winter Dreary....
by Steve Huber
Wisconsin winters don't excite me as much as they used to. In my younger days, I used to look forward to winter. The snow, the cold, sledding, icefishing, crosscountry skiing, I lived for these. Now that I'm older, cold is just plain cold, sledding involves walking uphill waaay too much (and I'm probably going to hear the howls all the way up here), but icefishing isn't as much fun as it once ... more

February 2001

Angling 101: Getting Started in Fishing
by Steve Huber
With the Internet, the flow of information that is passed back and forth is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, the amount of misinformation is equally amazing. I spend a great deal of time on various fishing message groups and I'm constantly astonished at the amount of misinformation that is being passed as the gospel according to Bubba. Equally amazing is some of the equipment that clients sho... more

January 2001

A Guide Secret Revealed!!
by Steve Huber
People constantly are asking me. "How do you produce results for your clients, day after day? What are you using? How are you getting all of these fish?" Well, some days I just smile, other days, I'm a little more informative. Today is one of those informative days to file away for future use. I could make this a real short article and sum it up in one word...But it's cold, snowing and I... more

November 2000

Hey, I've got an idea!!
by Steve Huber
Are you stuck for an idea for vacation next year? Are you tired of going to the same places, seeing the same things, putting up with the same crowds, year after year? Well, hey, sit back, grab a beverage and let me give you an idea. First of all, if you have school age kids....Bummer! Or maybe your kids can miss a little school, if so, that's a good thing. Because the first thing I'm going ... more

September 2000

The Bay.... Re-Visited
by Steve Huber
Anyone that knows me might say that I'm obsessed with fishing. I'd argue that point but my wife would be standing behind me, nodding her head yes to all the points proving that obsession. Those same people also know that muskies will get me fired up beyond belief. So then, why do I love fishing Chequomegon Bay so much?? It's simple... those darned smallmouth bass!! For those of you who ... more

August 2000

Speed Reading New Water
by Steve Huber
O.K., it's August, you've got some vacation time coming and you're off to a resort. The only problem is that you've never fished this lake before. What in the heck do you do? Well, you could hire a local guide, in that case, I hope you come to the Rhinelander area. No, seriously, a guide can be a great help in deciphering a lake. They know the water, they know what lures/bait are hot at the t... more

July 2000

Has Anyone Seen Walter?
by Steve Huber
Walter, Wally, Marbleyes, those %$*@ miserable ~%^*$, all these are common names for walleyes, that wonderful tasting, mysterious gamefish that seems to disappear just about now, only to return in the fall. If you're like I used to be, these glassy eyed buggers were a piece of cake to catch early in the season, then you'd swear that they grew wings and migrated somewhere else, usually around vaca... more

June 2000

Northwoods in June
by Steve Huber
When most people think of fishing in northern Wisconsin, images of the elusive, legendary muskie (or that finicky yet tasty morsel, the walleye) appear. But June for me is BASS TIME!!!! June is great; the bass are usually done bedding now so I fish them without the worry of taking a spawning fish. During the bedding season, bass don't seem to feed much and so they are now REALLY hungry. Maki... more

May 2000

Angling Etiquette: 101
by Steve Huber
This article is somewhat of a departure from my normal monthly ramblings. What I'd like to discuss is etiquette. Not what fork you use for the salad or what to do with the finger bowl, but trailering, boat launch and fishing etiquette. I fish quite a bit, some ten months (or more) each year. What I see every year, on the roads, on the lakes and at the landings is quite often nothing short of... more

April 2000

Ahh Spring!
by Steve Huber
It's springtime in Wisconsin and a man's thoughts turn to......Fishing!!! I mean c'mon, you didn't really think that I'd give you that old tired "thoughts turn to love?" Well, love of fishing perhaps. Spring in this part of the world is a special event. The ice is finally gone, the birds are singing, the grass is greening, the sun is shining...."Well three out of four isn't bad." This is a ... more

March 2000

Winnie's Calling!!!
by Steve Huber
I'm sure that most of you out there, like me have heard tales of the Jumbo Perch in Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota. If you're also like me, you've probably thought, "Yeah, I've got to get there sometime." Well, Bubba, the time is now! We just returned from "Winnie" and let me tell you, if this was bad fishing conditions, I've gotta get back when it's good! We arrived on a Sunday afternoon,... more

February 2000

Pre-Planning the Assault on New Water
by Steve Huber
O.K., it's winter here in northern Wisconsin and the weather really stinks. First, we had no snow and warm temps for the deer season, then, when it did finally get cold and freeze, it snowed. Now whenever you drill a hole and try to ice fish, you end up with 6 inches of slush and water on top of the ice....nasty stuff, you can't walk easily, snowmobiles get stuck and 4 wheelers aren't doing ... more

January 2000

Ice 'Eyes'
by Steve Huber
It's always with great anticipation that I approach the first ice fishing trip of the season. The question is....."What do I go after....and where?" I mean, up here in northern Wisconsin, there are sooo many lakes to choose from. If you've ever looked at a map of Oneida county, there is almost as much blue as green. And each lake seems to be just a little bit better for one type of fish than... more

November 1999

End of Season Muskies
by Steve Huber
Ahhhh, November, the time of year when it’s impossible to get anything done. Bowhunting for deer is in full swing, the deer gun season is close at hand and there’s still grouse and waterfowl to chase. Your significant other is “asking" (demanding???) that the storm windows be put on, the leaves should be raked and there’s hundreds of other “Honey Do’s" that should be done. So what’s a guy to do... more

October 1999

Fishing for "Falleyes"
by Steve Huber
O.K., it's October, you're not really into football on TV., you don't bird hunt and archery isn't your thing. Do you find yourself looking at your boat and counting the days until next spring? Well, take off the cover, load up the ol' walleye gear and get going buckaroo, there's walleyes to catch!! What a lot of people don't realize is that there is a fall walleye run that almost ri... more

September 1999

Muskies....Big Fish....BIG BAITS?
by Steve Huber
As an avid muskie angler, with a steamer trunk sized tackle box full of monster sized lures, I’d have to say......"Not Always." Sure, there’s a definite time and place to fish these hernia inducing baits, but not always. I’m sure that there are some die hard muskie hunters out there ready and willing to argue with me but just wait a minute, hear me out and think about it. How many times have ... more

August 1999

Summertime Blues
by Steve Huber
I know, it’s a strange title for a fishing article but we all get it this time of year. You know, you have some vacation time, you’re at the resort/cabin/cottage etc., you want to fish, your spousal unit wants to “just go into town and do a little shopping", the kids want you to pull them around the lake on the tube and you’re ready to pull your hair out because all those dreams of “THE BIG ONE" ... more

July 1999

Fishing Rhinelander Area Small Lakes
by Steve Huber
There are amazing opportunities to be had in the Rhinelander area on small lakes, and I don’t want you to think for a moment that small lakes equal small fish. Quite the contrary, some of the largest fish that I have caught and seen have been on small bodies of water. There always seems to be a thought connection....big water, big fish and to a certain extent, that’s true. There may be a larger... more

June 1999

June in the Northwoods
by Steve Huber
June is a great time to be in northern Wisconsin, usually, the snow is gone and the weather is starting to stabilize. The water temperatures are in the low 60's and the fish are cruising the shallows...and by fish, I mean just about everything is in shallow. The crappies are spawning, so are the bass (both largemouth and smallmouth) and bluegills. The pike and muskies have already spawned, ... more

May 1999

Spring Time Crappies
by Steve Huber
If you live anywhere in the Midwest or “near Midwest", chances are that you have waters nearby with crappies as one of the predominate panfish species. This is a good thing, because now is the time to be out on the water chasing them. NOW is the time, for crappies are normally found in the summer, suspended and moving around in open water, making locating them somewhat difficult. Springtime, wi... more

April 1999

Fishing 'The Bay'
by Steve Huber
My friend Gil and I discovered "The Bay" last summer. I don't know what took so long, I mean, it's not like it's a tiny, easily overlooked piece of water. It's a 30,000 acre bay on a little lake...Lake Superior. I guess it's because when I think "Great Lakes", I think fishing, more accurately trolling for trout and salmon. What many people don't realize is that there is a fantastic "cool... more

March 1999

Winter Blahs
by Steve Huber
It's tough to think about open water fishing when the thermometer is reading approximately 18 gazillion below zero as it is today while I'm writing this. It's tough but it's one of the things that keeps me going when I'm trapped in the house like this. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but now is when I get ready for the upcoming fishing season. During the open water fishing season, it's hard to find ... more

February 1999

Catchin' Those Early Season Walleyes
by Steve Huber
When you live where I do (northern Wisconsin), in February, it's tough to picture walleye fishing without images of tip-ups springing to mind. Not for me, you see, I'm one of the crazies that is trailering a boat through the snowstorms, visions of walleyes dancing in my head. When I'm at a gas station fueling the boat, I get lots of comments; "Must be nice to be heading south this time of year,"... more

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