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April 2002

Ethics in angling, it’s catching
From Bank Notes*

by Jon Rasmussen
During a recent conversation we started talking about the ethics practiced by ourselves and other anglers we know. Although most fishermen adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Natural Resources, there are always a few who try to get around the laws. These are the fishermen who seem to catch the attention of the media and general public. To provide a positive image for... more

March 2002

Hot Rods & Lemons
by Jon Rasmussen
Stay Out of the Pits... You may as well admit it; we know you've done it too. Just as we are beginning to head into the new fishing season you decide that you're missing something in the boat. A new rod would fill out that emptiness perfectly. "Another new rod?!" she says, looking at all the spare rods, each an early retiree for its own reasons, standing in the corner of the garage. Howeve... more

January 2002

Tackle Trends for the Ice Fishing Revolution
by Jon Rasmussen
I find it odd, noticing how little we realize the enjoyment that we derive from the little things in life, especially when it comes to those at the end of a line dangling below the ice. Panfish are probably the most sought after fish through the winter months, but few fishermen really cater their tackle selection to the tastes of these often-finicky fish. Although sometimes easy to catch, panfi... more
The Four P's Of Gold Rush Perch
by Jon Rasmussen
Tight lips, covert movements, trying to blend into the surroundings, swearing those who know to secrecy - you might think these are the signs of some special forces team. Nope, these are the signs of a hard-core perch fanatic. The only problem is that none of these attempts at concealment will help once people realize you're fishing way off in No Man's Land because you're catching fish. Catch perc... more

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