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July 2002

by Dustin Smith
When I hear the word frog, the first thing I think about is not a Leopard Frog or a Bullfrog….but a Plastic Frog. Weedless frogs typically have two upturned hooks that rest on the back of the bait; this is what prevents it from snagging the weeds. You won't have a hard time finding these baits, most tackle stores have them buried away some place in the back. Almost everyone has one in there tac... more

June 2002

Going Lipless
by Dustin Smith
A Lipless Crankbait, not a bait a lot of Anglers think as a bass catcher but instead a dust catcher in the bottom of their tackle box. What is there to a Lipless Crankbait, some plastic, some bb's and finally some paint thrown on. Sure doesn't sound like a good bait, but trust me it is. In this article I am going to explain how to fish it, when to fish it and what you need to fish it. How T... more

May 2002

Skipping Docks
by Dustin Smith
--> One of those most overlooked places to catch loads of bass are found on almost every lake across the United States. They are docks, piers, slips, and boathouses are some of the names of these fish holding structures. Skipping under docks gives you an immediate advantage since most bass under piers don't get a lot of fishing pressure, making them easier to catch. Skipping to these bass is n... more

December 2001

Rapala on Top
by Dustin Smith
The Original Floating Rapala, a forgotten lure. A lure first made in 1936 by Laurie Rapala. The Rapala is a thin minnow type bait made of balsa wood.The original Rapala comes in many sizes targeting everything from Panfish to Northern Pike and Musky. For Bass, I use sizes 7 to 11. For most situations I use the 9, it is 3 ½ inches long and weighs 3/16 oz. In spring a smaller bait such as the 7 mig... more

November 2001

Weightless Tubing
by Dustin Smith
The Tube (Gizit) is truly a versatile lure, from fishing it deep for smallmouth bass or flipping and pitching it for largemouth bass. A way not many anglers fish them is weightless. It is a highly under fished lure that produces big results. A tube ranges in size and color of course. For weightless fishing, I prefer a tube 4 ½ inches but depending on the size of the baitfish smaller or larg... more

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