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October 2018

Trophy Walleye Time Has Arrived
by Jason Halfen
Cooling waters brings fast action on North America's river systems You must have noticed it. Summer's familiar clear blue skies have turned turn angry and gray. Gentle southern winds have evolved into frigid northerly gales. Bright leaves of crimson and gold now hang perilously from branches, and yes, ice scrapers and snow brushes have become must-have equipment to support the morning commu... more

August 2018

Late Summer Walleyes in the Weeds
by Jason Halfen
Hit the salad bar for consistent summer walleye action Conventional wisdom calls for walleyes to be found in cool, shallow water during spring and fall, and lurking in deeper water during the heat of summer and the dead of winter. However, this binary distribution of walleye locations is far too simplistic; indeed, modern electronics and contemporary presentations have worked in tandem to... more

May 2018

Hard Bait Strategies for Post-Spawn Walleyes
by Jason Halfen
Jerkbaits and Rattlebaits prove potent on aggressive, actively feeding fish One of the hallmarks of spring is the predictable movement of walleyes. On inland lakes, walleye slide into shallow waters along rocky, windblown shorelines to spawn. Major rivers see mass upstream migrations of walleyes, to be interrupted only by natural or manmade obstacles. And on the Great Lakes, fish funn... more

April 2018

Dissecting the Pre-Spawn Bass Bite
by Jason Halfen
A trifecta of tips from a Bassmaster Elite Pro The bass pre-spawn period is a time of anticipation and transition. Largemouth and spotted bass slide out of their deeper,n thermally-stable wintering holes and begin a systematic movement toward the warming shallows, where they will binge feed in preparation for the rigors of spawning. Along the way, tempestuous spring weather can cause ... more

October 2017

Time-tested Fall Fishing Pattern
by Jason Halfen
The arrival of fall announces some of the best smallmouth bass fishing of the year. Image by the author. Head to your nearest river, because Mother Nature's clock is ticking and smallmouth are smackings Our experiences as anglers are coupled to the rhythms of Mother Nature. When the lilacs bloom in spring, expect to find crappies and bluegills in the shallows. Forty-five days after ... more

April 2017

Enjoy All-Season Success from Shore
by Jason Halfen
The author hoists a hefty pre-spawn walleye, taken from shore along a medium sized river. These five tips will help you to enjoy more consistent catches from shore, no matter which species of fish you pursue. Five ways for the shore-bound angler to enjoy more consistent catches Let's face the facts: nearly everyone gets their start in fishing by casting a line from shore. Thes... more

January 2017

Horizontal Options for Hardwater Success
by Jason Halfen
The unique design and swimming action of the Fin-Wing is irresistible to apex predators that have grown accustomed to the simple yo-yo motion of simple, vertical presentations. Photo by Bill Lindner Philosophies borrowed from the boat prove highly effective on the ice Open water anglers have long recognized the importance of a two-pronged approach to mobility. First,... more

December 2016

Sleeper Strategy for Shallow Hardwater Walleyes
by Jason Halfen
With the arrival of hardwater across the northland, the much-anticipated ice fishing season has finally begun. Intrepid anglers, with ice picks draped over their shoulders and lightweight gear in tow, are now creeping across the shallows of their favorite lakes in search of the season's first frozen success stories. Visible satellite imagery, readily available on Google Maps or sim... more

October 2016

Hard (and Soft) Strategies for Late Fall Walleyes
by Jason Halfen
The signs of impending change are all around us. The last dry maple leaves are falling from the trees. Frost covers the windshield as the truck warms in the crisp morning air. Boat lifts and docks are high and dry, adorning the shorelines in anticipation of winter's arrival. This is also a time of change for walleyes in northern lakes and reservoirs, as they transition from the fall feeding bu... more
Three Ways to Catch More Harvest Moon Walleyes
by Jason Halfen
Oversized walleyes crash the shallows in the fall, and are targeted by fervent anglers pulling crankbaits near shorelines and decaying weed beds. Photo by the author Fall is here, and in a matter of days, the Harvest Moon will be upon us. This is a magical time of year for fervent walleye anglers, many of us launching the boat during the dinner hour and fishing well into the blackness, r... more
Fall River Walleyes
by Jason Halfen
Across the Midwest many anglers are putting their open water fishing gear away. Some are going hunting, others are getting ready to go ice-fishing. However, there are some, probably more than you would think, that look forward to this time of year for open water fishing. They know that right now, in rivers throughout the Midwest, there are lots of opportunities to catch walleyes. In fact, a ve... more

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