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December 2017

Top 10 Tip-Up Dos and Don'ts
by Traditions Media
Frabill's Pat Kalmerton wrote the book - and keeps rewriting it - on tip-up fishing Amidst the focus on jigging and mobility over recent years, some proven strategies have been lost in the icy shuffle. Like tip-up fishing, which has consistently produced fish and forced guys into head-to-head 50-yard dash sprints since day one. It's forged (and compromised) friendships over the years, served ... more

November 2016

Trophy Quality Begins with the Care you Take in the Field
by Traditions Media
Eight things your taxidermist will love you for... Written by Josh Lantz Anyone who plops their money down at the taxidermy shop wants and expects a great looking mount. Hunters expect a lot from their taxidermist and that's reasonable. But remember: He or she can only work with what they're brought. Many hunters don't fully understand or consider how their own actions in the fiel... more

September 2016

Decoy Tricks for Early Season Waterfowl
by Traditions Media
How to stay ahead once the pressure sets in By Sammy Bruce September is right around the corner, and skies are filling with waterfowl. And, although early season hunts occasionally involve uneducated birds willing to commit to any spread, rarely are things that easy. It's incredible how fast ducks and geese get wise to hunting pressure. A true credit to the resilience of nature, these ... more
Live Ducks: The Only Judges That Matter
by Traditions Media
To consistently call ducks into range while hunting, try sounding like one... Written by Sammy Bruce I pity the up-and-coming duck hunter, anxious to learn the intricacies of calling but with nowhere to turn for guidance but YouTube and calling contests. While such resources occasional offer a handy tip, most are so crowded with useless chaos they're often difficult to watch all the way thro... more

August 2016

Four-Wheel Drive Trolling
by Traditions Media
Four-Wheel Drive TrollingCritical boat control concept explained by tournament walleye pro Ted Takasaki By Jim Edlund with Ted Takasaki In his countless clinics and tournament appearances, legendary walleye pro Ted Takasaki says he's asked thousands of anglers what they struggle with most on the water. "Almost everybody wants to know how to control their boats in the wind," says Takasak... more

July 2016

The Story of America's Favorite Fishfinder
by Traditions Media
From humble beginnings to industry leader, how Humminbird® earned its wings The old saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." Much the same is true when it comes to 'raising a company.' Many individuals must combine unique gifts and unify a team in order to shepherd a vision into real success. In the case of Humminbird, there were so many that contributed to the presen... more

May 2016

KVD’s Comeback: In His Own Words
by Traditions Media
How Humminbird pro Kevin VanDam cracked Toledo Bend's big bass code Bass fishing is a lot like any sport. Fall into a slump and critics crawl out of the woodwork. And with today's multitude of media, there are way too many opinions flying around - most of all the realm of social media, where everyone's an expert. But squawk boxes are it's a little quieter this week for Kevin VanDam as bass ... more

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