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March 2016

The Magic of March
by Bob Wilson
Every year March and April brings many changes to the fishing world. It's that time of year when ice fishing is still hanging in there but open water is just around the corner. Winter starts to break and the weather slowly warms up. This causes a lot of things to happen. Waters start slowly warming up, and the fish being the sensitive creatures that they are, feel this change and respond. Almos... more

September 2015

Fall fishing is Trophy Time
by Bob Wilson
By the time you read this article, we that troll and live bait fish will be gearing up for our fall patterns, and with any luck the trophy of a lifetime.During the months of Sept thru Dec. should be some of the most productive times of the year. This is the time of year when most of or all trophy fish are to be caught, on lakes, rivers and reservoirs, and by no means am I taking away from the spri... more

August 2014

Guiding and the Unexpected Emergency
by Bob Wilson
What happens when an unexpected accident or medical emergency occurs on your boat or to one of your clients, or for that matter yourself? You are on the water and miles from any type of boat ramp. Before we get into any scenarios, let me give you some tips I use on every guide trip I take out. We have all seen this before at any given time at any boat ramp. A large group of friends or maybe a... more

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