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December 2014

December Holiday Cheer And Ice
by Nick Smyers
December is a great month! Everyone seems to be full of holiday cheer and ice starts to accumulate on our lakes. I love Christmas, but it's the hard water part that fills me with excitement! Early ice is a great time for catching panfish, but should certainly be approached with caution. Most years there is fishable ice somewhere in southern Wisconsin by the week after Thanksgiving. Look for smal... more

April 2014

Fishing Tubes for Pre-Spawn Smallmouth
by Nick Smyers
Over the last few years I have spent many spring days chasing pre-spawn smallies. In April I target bronzebacks exclusively on Lake Winnebago (which has no closed season for gamefish) followed by the month of May on Lake Geneva, Sturgeon Bay and Big Green Lake. This year things will be much further behind due to our record cold winter and I will likely still be ice fishing well into April. With... more

February 2014

Ice Trolling For Panfish
by Nick Smyers
Have you ever heard the saying "ninety percent of the fish are in ten percent of the water?" I find this to be very true when ice fishing for panfish. Ice trolling is a technique that I use to locate elusive schools of panfish roaming deep water basins and even shallow areas devoid of weeds. I start by drilling dozens of holes using a cordless drill attached to a 5" strike master hand auger ... more

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