Steve Pennaz's Articles

February 2014

Best Lines For Ice?
by Steve Pennaz
Application is name-of-the-game for determining best ice fishing line Whenever you play on the fringes of extreme, the choices you make truly do impact success. Ever see what -25 degrees does to motor oil? How about fishing line? When I started ice fishing line choice was simple. You used mono on "jiggle sticks" and Dacron on tip-ups. Pound test was determined by size of fish targe... more

August 2013

Rethinking Jigs For "Roller Coaster" Bass
by Steve Pennaz
How a non-traditional swim jig technique can help you crack conditioned fish Like a lot of anglers, I grew up fishing bass jigs traditionally, pounding cover with an endless drop-lift-drop-lift routine. And while I caught fish, I didn't fully grasp how truly versatile jigs are-and how they can be fished in ways that can crack conditioned bass when everything else fails. My "Eureka" mome... more

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