Adam Walton's Articles

December 2015

Safety On The Hard Water
by Adam Walton
As ice takes hold on waters to the north, anglers are venturing onto the hard water. Although many anglers look forward to this season, some forget about the inherent danger associated with it. Unfortunately, every year numerous anglers fall through the ice and all too often, some tragically parish. Before heading out, knowing a few simple precautions and understanding basic survival skills may... more

September 2014

Porkfest For Late Summer And Fall Walleyes
by Adam Walton
Hard & Soft Fishing, makers of Uncle Josh Pork Baits, have hit a homerun! Their Pork Crawlers have been doing damage on hungry walleyes since they first hit the market. These versatile baits can be fished many ways, but during the late summer months, it's hard to overlook their ability to catch fish when incorporated with spinner harnesses. Before discussing how to rig harnesses, let's briefly ... more

January 2014

Tip-Ups And Teeth
by Adam Walton
When ice fishing, it's hard to beat the adrenaline rush that a triggered tip-up flag brings. The quick response that follows can be quite entertaining as well. Watching your buddies run to the hole, performing an uncoordinated ice skating routine the entire way. I don't know what's more amusing, watching someone fall on their rear or watching them pretend nothing happened after getting up. Reg... more

December 2013

Icing Pan Fish
by Adam Walton
When ranking the most popular fish people target during the ice season, bluegills and crappies place near the top. They fight strong, taste great, and are plentiful in most lakes. When pursuing these well-liked fish, I've learned two very important factors. One is to learn panfish winter habits and their movement. Knowing why and where these fish move to can make you unstoppable on the ice. T... more

October 2013

Shallow Lakes for Fall Walleyes
by Adam Walton
Cool days, dropping water temps and dissipating weed cover, all signs that Fall is finally in the air! With many of the best fishing days laying ahead, anglers are itching for the jet skis and wakeboarders to get off the water so they can at last enjoy some uninterrupted, quality walleye fishing. There are many articles detailing techniques for catching fall walleyes in lakes with deep water, b... more

June 2013

Walleye Trolling Tactics
by Adam Walton
With temperatures steadily increasing and walleye spawning activities complete, many anglers are making the move from jigging to trolling. Although jigging spring eyes is very productive during pre-spawn and immediately after post spawn, nothing can beat pulling planner boards or long lining lures in the summer months. Many anglers simply throw on a Rapala, let some line out, and call it good. ... more

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