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October 2018

Berkley FireLine Ultra 8: Impressive!
by Bill Schultz
Recently, I caught and released smallmouth bass number 22,300 since catching my first in 1994. Many of those smallies have been caught in the ultra-clear waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin. My primary presentations require long casts. I've loved and still use FireLine Crystal and Nanofil, but was intrigued when the new Berkley FireLine Ultra 8 was introduced, and, w... more

September 2018

"Reel" Deal Q & A
by Bill Schultz
For the type of fishing I do, spinning reels are my reel of choice. Over the past 15 years I've had the pleasure of fishing and then writing reviews on dozens of reels by all the major companies, and, I'm picky about the reels I use to chase smallmouth bass. Some of my all-time favorites are made by Pflueger and Abu Garcia. In my current arsenal are the Pflueger President XT, Supreme and Su... more

May 2017

Have you Tried the "Ned Rig"
by Bill Schultz
I began hearing about the Ned Rig, or, Midwest Rig late in 2015. It's named for Ned Kaedy, who is credited with developing it and using it with success for decades. It's maybe not quite as simple as swimming the Kalin's Lunker Grub, which has been so productive for me, but, still very simple. Here's why I began using the Ned Rig early last August. In mid-summer most of the better smallmouth ... more

October 2015

Kayaking Hotspots for Wisconsin's Fall Smallies
by Bill Schultz
Many of our fishing friends turn to hunting in the fall, but don't put that kayak away just yet. There are some great spots in Wisconsin to chase smallies throughout the fall. Let me give you some suggestions. Then I'll give you some kayak equipment tips, along with a great presentation that will add to your success to catch and "ideally" release those smallies. Door County, rated one of the... more

August 2014

Anatomy of Successfully Swimming Grubs for Smallmouth Bass
by Bill Schultz
As many of you know, I'm a smallmouth bass enthusiast. Swimming a grub is a staple for many smallie anglers. Some of you have likely used grubs from a variety of companies while on the water. It's unusual to find a lure that works so well that for years you use almost nothing else. For me, that's the Kalin's Lunker Grub, my grub of choice. I caught my first smallie on this lure in 2007 and si... more

July 2014

Give Rivers a Try for Great Smallie Fishing
by Bill Schultz
In Wisconsin we are blessed with hundreds of wonderful rivers and streams loaded with my favorite, smallmouth bass. I've spent all or part of hundreds of days wading smaller rivers across southern Wisconsin, as well as hitting a variety rivers around the state also by foot or in one of my Wilderness Systems kayaks. Along with the joy of communing with nature, it is so nice to not have to fight... more

June 2013

"Hey Culligan Man!", Soft Water Makes Kayak Anglers Happy Too!
by Bill Schultz
We've waited a long time for spring this year in Wisconsin, but the wait has been worth it. I'm ready to hit the open water in one of my Wilderness Systems kayaks to chase smallmouth and largemouth bass. The great thing about kayaks, and living in Wisconsin, is we have so many great fishing options. When I give my Door County and River Smallie talks, I make a point of discussing the impo... more

May 2013

Kalin's Lunker Grubs - My Top Door County Smallie Presentation!
by Bill Schultz
During the past 18 years, mostly in May and June, I've spent over 175 days chasing smallmouth bass in Door County. I've been rewarded with catching and releasing over 5,000, with dozens over 4 pounds, many 5 pounders and some over 6 pounds. Many of these big fish have come in the past 5 years due to a change in my presentation. Over the years I've tried many lures on the waters of Door Count... more
Sun Protection: So Important!
by Bill Schultz
I would bet that every one of you reading this article knows someone who has dealt with skin cancer. And maybe, like me, you even know someone who has died from complications related to malignant melanoma. Skin cancer is frightening, and protecting ourselves while in the sun can be lifesaving. Many of us spent time in the sun before ever hearing of sunscreen, and we can only hope that those s... more

March 2011

Road Trip Smallies: Kayaking the Wisconsin River
by Bill Schultz
Steve Starr, a good kayak fishing friend of mine, was back in Wisconsin for the summer. After kayaking for peacock and largemouth bass with him in South Florida I was looking forward to kayaking for some Wisconsin River smallies. We talked about it a number of times, however the river seemed to be running high all summer, but finally we had our chance on September 10th. I do most of my kayak f... more

July 2010

Why Kayak Fishing
by Bill Schultz
It's mid-summer. You are on a clear water lake, working the shallows with a Booyah Buzzbait, looking for that trophy bass. All of a sudden, the calm surface explodes and flying from the depths is the biggest bass you've ever had on the end of your line. After an amazing battle, you lip a six-pound largemouth. By the time your heart stops pounding; you've quickly taken a photograph and released ... more

May 2010

What Happened to the Peacock Bass?
by Bill Schultz
In 2009 I wrote two articles for Lake-Link on my experience fishing for peacock and largemouth bass from a kayak in the canals and small lakes just southwest of Ft. Lauderdale, in Weston, Florida. It was so much fun that when work took me back to the area twice this winter, I scheduled two days of fishing on each trip with friend and avid bass angler, Steve Starr. Steve has fished both peacock... more

August 2009

Road Trip Smallies: Appleton Area Fox River
by Bill Schultz
One of the enjoyable aspects of writing fishing articles and giving seminars has been all the fellow anglers I've met and gotten to know. Troy Stoeger, from Appleton, read one of my articles on Lake-Link and e-mailed me about our shared interest in wading for river smallmouth bass. He told me about his success on the Fox River in the Appleton area and invited me to drive up and join him. I fina... more

June 2009

Swimming Grubs for Door County Smallies
by Bill Schultz
During the past 14 plus years, I've had the good fortune and pleasure of spending 125 days chasing smallies in Door County. Throughout, my efforts have been rewarded with having caught and released hundreds of smallies. Like many of you who have fished this area, or fished for lake smallies in general, I have tried a plethora of lures. I've always tried, however, to keep it simple and not ov... more

April 2009

Road Trip Peacock Bass: Part II
by Bill Schultz
Back in early February, I had the pleasure of fishing for butterfly peacock bass southwest of Ft. Lauderdale with Wisconsin friend Steve Starr. During the heart of winter in Wisconsin, it was a wonderful treat, and I had the good fortune to catch an 18" peacock bass. If you would like to read about that day, check out the article, "Road Trip Peacock Bass," from last month. After fishing the c... more

March 2009

Road Trip Peacock Bass
by Bill Schultz
It's winter in Wisconsin. I'm not an ice fisherman, and I haven't fished open water since late October. The wait is getting to me, especially with our "old time" winters of the past two years. Last year, I had a chance to fish smallmouth bass on the Potomac River around April 1, which helped. Last month, I was in Naples, Fla., running a conference. A friend from Madison, Steve Starr, who now calls... more

May 2008

Potomac River Road Trip for Smallies
by Bill Schultz
I never enjoy the wait from late October to early May to get back on the water for smallmouth bass. The way this past winter began, and continued, I knew the six months was going to feel even longer. With this in mind, I thought I'd try to coordinate some smallie fishing at the end of March during a business trip to Washington, D.C. The other Web site that I write for is, ... more

January 2008

Fishin' With the Fishin' Musicians
by Bill Schultz
During the summer of 2006, I noticed an interesting fishing report about a river in Wisconsin by a guy with the handle, Fishinmusician. I hadn't heard of this river in my home state, where I thought I knew all the good smallie rivers. So, I messaged Fishinmusician to find out more about this river on which he and a buddy had such a great day. He got back to me with an expanded report. I was cu... more

May 2007

Four Winning Lures to Catch More River Smallies
by Bill Schultz
Fishing for smallmouth bass is my passion. I love chasing smallies on lakes, but enjoy the river experience even more. I've spent hundreds of hours wading smaller rivers from Southeast Wisconsin to the Southwest corner of the state. In recent years, I've done some productive exploring on the Wisconsin, Menominee, Oconto and St. Croix rivers by boat. In this article, I'm going to tell you what ... more

August 2006

Plan B: Smallies on the St. Croix
by Bill Schultz
For years, I have wanted to fish smallmouth bass on the Upper Mississippi River, northwest of Minneapolis. I had heard that it is one of the best river smallie spots in the country. In early June, I had the opportunity to make that trip and was planning on fishing the stretch in and around Monticello, Minnesota for up to four days. I know rivers can be unpredictable, especially when you have no... more

March 2004

Lake Michigan Smallmouth Bass Population Assessment Project
by Bill Schultz
As those of you who've read some of my other articles know, I love fishing for smallmouth bass. The Milwaukee River is one of the rivers I've fished quite a few times over the years, and I spend a number of days each spring and summer in Door County. I've always hoped that the smallmouth bass population would grow in the Lake Michigan waters off southeast Wisconsin. That's why I was excited t... more

June 2003

Pond Fishin'
by Bill Schultz
What is it about a pond that intrigues me so much? Maybe it's the same thing that excites me about exploring that small river, not knowing exactly what I'm going to catch or how I'm going to accomplish that goal. Also, like many of you, I've dreamed of having my own pond, stocked with big bass and bluegills -- my own little "fish factory." I've been lucky. Over the past decade I've had acce... more

May 2003

Guides: What You and They Expect
by Bill Schultz
During the past few years I've had the opportunity to fish with a number of guides, and most have provided a very informative and enjoyable experience. I look for a guide who has a good reputation for knowing the body of water we're fishing. I want to learn where to fish, what lures and techniques to use and how to use them. Even if we hit a tough day and don't catch many fish, if I've learned ... more

April 2003

Challenges Facing Door County Smallmouths
by Bill Schultz
I've had the good fortune of fishing the waters of Door County many times for smallmouth bass since my first fishing trip there in May of 1995. Like most who fish this wonderful resource, I try to be a good steward of the fishery and am careful with the smallies I catch, and always release. In recent years I've seen some things that have me concerned: an invasion of round gobies, an ever-... more

June 2002

Wisconsin Smallmouth Hotspots
by Bill Schultz
Wisconsin is blessed with an abundance of tremendous smallmouth bass waters. A few friends and I have identified some of Wisconsin's top smallmouth hotspots. Lake Mendota In Madison, Lake Mendota is becoming one of the best smallmouth lakes in the state. Eric Walls (608-246-1876), a top Madison area guide, tells me, "Lake Mendota is a great smallmouth factory because of the amount of unfi... more

May 2002

Door County Smallmouths
by Bill Schultz
Have you ever thought to yourself or mentioned to your spouse or a friend, "I've always wanted to fish for smallmouth bass in Door County!" Then you think, "But I don't know where to go, or where to stay, or where to launch, or where to fish, or what to use." Then, finally you decide not to give it a try. A number of years ago I began hearing about the great smallmouth bass fishing in Door C... more

February 2002

Fishing The Web
by Bill Schultz
It's Winter in Wisconsin. Your boat's been in storage for a couple of months, college football is over, there's only a month left of pro football, deer hunting and the holidays have come and gone, and you don't ice fish. It's about time for cabin fever to kick in big time. How do you deal with not being able to get on the water until the first Saturday in May? Last year I found a great way... more

September 2001

Understanding River Smallmouths in the Fall
by Bill Schultz
A few weeks ago your favorite spot for river smallmouth bass was dynamite. You had one of your best days ever. Now you're back for another great day of bronzeback action, but where are the fish? The last time you were at your hot spot it was late summer and now fall is here. What happened? The answer is that they've moved. Maybe just a few hundred yards or, depending on the size of the river... more

June 2001

Keeping A Fishing Log
by Bill Schultz
Athletes in many sports keep a log of their training activity and performances in games or tournaments. They use this information to develop better techniques, make better use of their time while training, and to perform better in competition. Many serious anglers find the same benefits from keeping a fishing log. Fishing has become a more important part of my activities during the past ten y... more

May 2001

Cranking for Bluegills
by Bill Schultz
In my article, "Smallmouths by Foot", I talked extensively about the Rebel Teeny Wee-Crawfish. What I didn't tell you was that I originally purchased this little crankbait to fish for bluegills in a pond I have access to. To this day, I remember my first cast with this little fish magnet. I caught two bluegills and knew I had a winner. Since that day in 1992, even though I've fished it more ... more

April 2001

Smallmouths By Foot
by Bill Schultz
Like many of you I love getting into my boat and fishing. What I don't particularly enjoy are the crowds on the weekends, especially around major metropolitan areas. If the weather is descent, the launches are crowded and the lakes are packed with personal watercraft, water-skiers and pleasure boaters. So on weekends, my boots replace my boat as a means of locomotion. My favorite fish is the... more

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