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March 2017

'Perchanator' is New Panfish Weapon
by Ted Peck
Perch are a perennial source of torment for rabid anglers. Frustration is understandable in pursuit of walleyes or muskies. These piscators are gamefish. Perch are panfish. Conventional wisdom says panfish are easier to catch. Legions of fishers across the upper Midwest have discovered the enigmatic nature of these golden tiger-barred devils, sometimes going to extreme measures to figure them ... more

February 2017

Crappie Crusade on I-55
by Ted Peck
We are in the dead of winter. The only hunting opportunities are for rabbits, crows and coyotes. Fish are in a perpetual negative mood, with short flurries of feeding activity. Even a bucketful of St. John's Wort won't fend off depression. Crappies are a sure cure for cabin fever. By far the best way to catch 'em now is with a horizontal presentation-and I'm not talking a Northland Puppet Minn... more
Guntersville Outstanding Winter Bass Destination
by Ted Peck
When Bill Lewis Lures CEO Wes Higgins found out I was planning an extended fishing tour of the American southeast a couple of months ago he asked if I could participate in the Lake Guntersville Rat-L-Trap Classic bass tourney on Feb. 12. This meant I would have to extend the planned month long fishing adventure through southern Illinois, Mississippi and Florida from a month to 36 days. Since H... more
Ice Sonar FAQs For Beginners And Experts
by Joel Nelson
Think you know your ice electronics? Even if you're a seasoned veteran of the sonar world, here are some bits of advice that can help!Photo by: Ben Larson - In-Depth Media Productions Every year, a new set of anglers both young and old, learn to use ice fishing sonar or flashers for the first time. That said, I encounter many anglers on the ice each year that still have their ice s... more
Wisconsin’s Winter Wonderland of Rod Building
by Joe Sills
There's a place up north, covered in snow, where even now thousands of hands are steadily working on thousands and thousands of holiday toys. The toys they build are magical. They're handcrafted with the power to bring joy to all, year round. But this place up north-you won't find any men in red suits there. You won't find any sleighs or reindeer. What you'll find is better, an entire factory ... more

January 2017

Choosing Your New Boat… Wisely
by Dennis Foster
The author discussing details at Dave's Marine in Webster, SD In this article I will be conveying some of what I have gleaned over the years as it pertains to making one of (if not) the most significant of your outdoor investments. That being selecting the very best fishing boat to fit your personal needs and wants. Hopefully what I share makes picking out your dream boat just a little les... more
Destination Delavan Lake - Winter Perch Bonanza
by Dave Duwe
Delavan Lake is one of the finest ice fishing destinations in Southeastern, Wisconsin. The lake is an hour from Milwaukee and one and a half hours from Chicago. Delavan Lake is roughly 2,200 acres with a maximum depth of 52 feet. The lake has many different fishing opportunities, whether it's deep-water yellow perch or weedline walleyes. The shallow bays make available a lot of Northern Pike ... more
Horizontal Options for Hardwater Success
by Jason Halfen
The unique design and swimming action of the Fin-Wing is irresistible to apex predators that have grown accustomed to the simple yo-yo motion of simple, vertical presentations. Photo by Bill Lindner Philosophies borrowed from the boat prove highly effective on the ice Open water anglers have long recognized the importance of a two-pronged approach to mobility. First,... more
Put Some Life Into Your Ice Angling: Use a Dead Rod
by Dennis Foster
Doing a whole bunch of nothing can serve a useful purpose. I realize that there are an awful lot of folks doing this already. Picture grabbing a case of beer and tallying empties as opposed to fish on the ice. Good work if you can get it. But for this discussion, incorporating a dead rod as a serious presentation option will infuse some life into your fishing. So in reality the rod I am refer... more

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