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February 2018

Grave Yard Shift Walleyes
by Jason Mitchell
So many fisheries come to mind where after dark patterns offer some of the best opportunities for catching fish. After dark strategies and locations however can vary dramatically from where we might find fish during daylight or twilight hours. What happens so often to us as anglers is that we simply figure out one window or movement of fish and when that window ends, we assume that the bi... more

January 2018

Tungsten vs. Lead for Panfish
by Jason Mitchell
In pursuit of big panfish, our travels take us across the Country. We have explored big panfish patterns in reservoirs, natural lakes, farm ponds and beyond. My billfold usually has fishing licenses from at least half a dozen states or more. What always amazes me and in my opinion makes fishing exciting and fun is how we encounter different factors, different influences wherever we fish. Lake ... more
Love Those Deep Basin Panfish
by Jerry Carlson
Many times I have heard anglers share frustrations over the lack of winter panfish that are showing up in their favorite honey hole. I have been known to make the same complaints from time to time. However, I have also learned the remedy for staying on winter crappies and bluegills. When it comes to location, I am all about deep basins. Although I do occasionally target some weed oriented fish ... more
Soft Plastic Insights for Crappie
by Jason Mitchell
Some of the greatest lures of all time don't necessary look like anything in particular but at the same time have the general appearance of something that a fish wants to eat. Trout anglers often fall back on a simple wooly bugger which we can argue can look like a caddis fly larvae or perhaps a damsel fly nymph... not really a spitting image of anything specific but looks kinda, sorta like a lot... more

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