Leigh Flowage (Lee) (including Marl Bay and Rice Bay), Oconto County

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6/28/12 @ 9:28 AM
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Have been fishing Leigh Flowage off and on for several years but moved to Marl Lake Rd in the fall and have been fishing almost daily since.

Lady last night was fishing a rubber worm and slaying the bass closer to shore on South side of Marl Bay. (smaller bass)

I've been catching smaller bass and plenty of 14-16+ Northern using a Rattlin Rip Rap, blue multi color and brown. Been getting some on a green buzz bait with a frog trailer attached. I was playing around with a weighted 4" perch and just pulling it thru the water, no spinner or anything attached, and the Northern just love that. A black/silver natural looking Rapala floating minnow has also worked well.

Been sticking to Marl Bay for a bit trying to learn the lake but have fished the entire flowage and almost any of the 'bays' have lily pads, submerged logs so plenty of cover.

I've been told that the bay by the dam is a good bass fishing spot. I also know that guys have been catching good sized crappie if they are fishing for them. (Probably just a worm and bobber)

I've been looking for the big ones but haven't found them yet but I know they are here somewhere

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7/1/11 @ 9:05 PM
6lb smallie
6lb smallie
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Going out to fish leigh next week for the first time, anty suggestions for bass?

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