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North Dakota Lakes

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Top 20 Viewed North Dakota Lakes

Top 20 Rated North Dakota Lakes

  1. Devils Lake, Ramsey County
  2. Brewer Lake, Cass County
  3. Skjermo Lake, Divide County
  4. Lake Ashtabula, Barnes County
  5. Casselton Reservoir, Cass County
  6. Brush Lake, McLean County
  7. Nelson Lake, Oliver County
  8. Heart Butte Reservoir (Lake Tschida), Grant County
  9. New Johns Lake, Burleigh County
  10. Lake Isabel, Kidder County
  11. Clausen Springs, Barnes County
  12. Sweetbriar Dam, Morton County
  13. Lake Elsie, Richland County
  14. Mirror Lake, Adams County
  15. North Golden Lake, Steele County
  16. Strawberry Lake, Bottineau County
  17. Coldwater Lake, McIntosh County
  18. Mooreton Pond, Richland County
  19. Dead Colt Creek Dam, Ransom County
  20. Fish Creek Dam, Morton County
  1. Carbury Dam, Bottineau County
  2. Skjermo Lake, Divide County
  3. Coldwater Lake, McIntosh County
  4. Lake Sakakawea, Mountrail County
  5. Dead Colt Creek Dam, Ransom County
  6. Devils Lake, Ramsey County
  7. Lake Ashtabula, Barnes County
  8. Heinrich-Martin Dam, LaMoure County
  9. Clausen Springs, Barnes County
  10. Nelson Lake, Oliver County
  11. Blumers Pond, Barnes County
  12. Fish Creek Dam, Morton County
  13. Matejcek Dam, Walsh County
  14. Trenton Lake, Williams County
  15. West Arroda Dam, Oliver County
  16. Larimore Dam, Grand Forks County
  17. Lake Ilo, Dunn County
  18. Braddock Dam, Emmons County
  19. Lake Audubon, McLean County
  20. Cottonwood Lake, Williams County
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