Getting an earlier start this year to try and get more visibility, and more players signed up, as there are a lot of new faces on Lake-Links.

Congrats to a dominant win last year by BâssÂddîçt!...and to runner-ups TimT and Browning3, respectively. 

If you finished the contest last year, you are automatically entered this year (no need for an invite).

RULES: - This pool if completely FREE and is open to anyone who wants to enter. 

Winner receives nothing except BRAGGING RIGHTS for the year.

- All pool functions can be done by accessing the pools website. It's available only to registered members of the pool and nobody else.

- Each player will pick a winner for each NFL game scheduled that week.

- Each player will assign a 'confidence' value from 16 down to 1 (3 in bye weeks) for each game depending on how confident they are in their picks. 16 should be used for the game in which you are most confident in your picked winner, and 1 (3 in bye weeks) in the game which you are least confident in your pick. Each 'confidence' value number may only be used once each week.

- Weekly winner is the player who accrues the most points that week.

- Tie break is determined by assigning points to that weeks Monday Night Football game. You enter the TOTAL number of points you think will be scored by BOTH teams combined. Example if Green Bay and Minnesota are playing that weeks MNF game, and you think Green Bay will beat Minnesota 57 - 3, you would pick '60' as your MNF score for that week

- Your weekly points will continue to accrue for the entire season, and an end of season winner will be crowned after week 17 of the NFL season.


- Games will lock five minutes before the scheduled start of each specific game.

Please note - pool member's selections will only be displayed in the "View All" picks section for games that have locked. You just lose your "16" pick if you forget to pick prior to Thursday's game. Unless you miss Sunday's picks too, then you would get the score of the lowest player for the week.

SIGN UP: - Anyone who was in last years pool is still signed up. All you have to do is go to the same website as we used last year, and use the same login info you used last time around. See, pretty simple, right?..unless you are rpole and can't find the passwords every year! :)

- For those who are new, cbssportsline requires that everyone be invited to enter the pool via their own system. Therefore you MUST send myself or esoxcpr a Lake-Link message which includes a valid email address where sportsline can send the invite.

- You then follow the simple directions and register on cbssportsline (FOR FREE - just as you had to do on LL before posting for the first time) and they will allow you access to our pools private website. 

- Please bookmark or add to your favorites the pools private website address once you are able to access it. Everything you do will happen from that website, and you need to have an easy way to get there.

- As in the past, once you get set up on the pools website, please set your 'handle' to your Lake Link username. Go to "Options" toolbar -> then "Personal" tab -> and "Your Name" field, and change to your LL handle

This way everyone knows who is who.

- Any questions or problems, shoot me a msg and I'll respond as soon as I can. 

Good luck and have fun!!!!

Pool Link